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The All In All, Chapter 3, Manifestation Phenomenon

Channeled Core Questions 12-18-2011

What is Manifestation Phenomenon?
Q. What is Manifestation Phenomenon?

A. Are you clear on the relationship and interrelationship between Creation and Alchemy? If you are clear, then we can move on.

Q. I believe I am clear. These concepts are somewhat hard to adjust into perspective in a single moment, but they do help to understand the inner workings of Creation and Alchemy as an aspectual construct of  The All In All.

A. Then let's continue. You may always come back to refer to these and many more as we go on.

To Answer your question. Manifestation Phenomenon is the end product, the production outcome of the interactions and interrelationship between Creation and Alchemy. It is simple and complete in that it took millions of years but can also be sustained and maintained for many many more millions of years. The Universe that you are aware of is just one of the many Universes in Existence. These Universes while created from a single intent for The All In All to express its many aspectual constructs, they do not all contain the same material and have in some instances developed simultaneously or as it were, in parallel manifestation. This is expressed to you because you measure time. If you did not measure time, another construct of 3rd dimensional reality, you would be able to note that all things are all, at one time in one Existence. Because of your limitations you are unaware that Universes/Dimensions are in constant Creation/Alchemy/Manifestation Phenomenon. To make it a little more palatable for you, we speak of time as you measure it. In due course, you will come to understand that there is no limit to energetic frequency, therefore, it is total Existence. It is The All In All.

Manifestation Phenomenon is that which you see or cannot see before you. It contains all that was/is Created through the Alchemical process. It creates the Trinity, as some may call it. It is unique, yet dependent on that which proceeded it. That is, without Creation, and without Alchemy, Manifestation Phenomenon could not take place. That is why some dimensional/universal aspects are still developing/evolving while others are fully formed. 

Do not become confused in this analysis of the Trinity. As you are aware there is another Aspectual construct of The All In All, called Opportunity. Opportunity is the hidden dynamic of Manifestation Phenomenon. It is also the hidden dynamic of Creational Intent and Alchemical Manipulation. It is that which is extended from The All In All into all of its aspectual constructs. It is here where so-called Life, Death and change take place.

In the workings of the Trinity, Opportunity is empowered to comply, resist or divert from its intended purpose in all aspects. In other words, it is a hidden dynamic within Creation & Alchemy as well as Manifestation Phenomenon. It is influenced by intent and manipulation but can also choose to circumvent intent as it so desires. Here you find the concepts about Free Will. It is available to all constructs and sub-constructs of The All In All.

For example, say that you wish to build a line of cars. You have your ideas and plans neatly laid out. You have your workers all ready to deploy, you have your materials, workshops and stations. You are ready to Manifest your product, yet something goes wrong. Your plans are confused, your workers do not arrive to do their perspective jobs and the materials have either not arrived or malfunction upon arrival. This is a simplistic picture of how Opportunity can sabotage your finest intentions. We will get to this in our next Chapter.

Q. Where does Manifestation Phenomenon take place?

A. Manifestation Phenomenon takes place in all realities, Universes and dimensions. Whether it is perceived by your senses it is nonetheless real. You are surrounded, particularly in your 3rd dimension by many, many products or representatives of Manifestation Phenomenon. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the material you use in your daily life, the planet you live on, the solar system you live in, the Universe as you know it, is all Manifestation Phenomenon. You chose to see these things as Creation, yet they are an aspect of Creation but not totally creation, because Creation is incomplete without its consorts. You admire God in your religious rituals through these outward, perceivable Creations but you fail to realize that these things are merely expression of The All In All as it gives/gave Opportunity for these things to Manifest throughout your known world. In other words, you humans deify the Creation as you perceive it, without understanding the interaction and interrelationship between Creation/Alchemy/Manifestation Phenomenon.

Phenomenon is a term we used to help you perceive that you are in awe of a Phenomenon, not The All In All that is beyond it. You create rituals and spiritual/sacred places in your world to help you identify with the Phenomenon, but you fall short of understanding that the phenomenon in Nature, including yourself, is a product of a Trinity of energetic Entities, interrelating, co-relating and interacting to bring about a desired outcome.

Additionally, Creation is in all things that it Created. In other words, what you perceive is Creation but not in totality. Creation was given the Opportunity to place itself in all things, that is; it was given dominion over all that it Created. But you must remember that Creation is ideas, thoughts, dreams, imaginings, etc. It is not physical in nature but holds the potential to Physical Manifest or not according to its desire to work in tandem with Alchemy and Manifestation Phenomenon. Creation is energetic frequency, yet it must enlist the cooperation of Alchemy and Manifestation Phenomenon in order for any of its Creations to become manifest in any type of form, physical or non-physical. Therefore, you limit yourself in your perception of your reality if you merely focus on what you can physically perceive.

In conclusion of this lesson on the Trinity of Creation/Alchemy/Manifestation Phenomenon, know that Creation continues its existence through all that it has created. Here is where the idea of dominion, colonization, inhabitations, etc. exists. Creation imbues all that it is with the idea of who/what it is, therefore, Creation exists throughout eternity. It is that part of the psyche of every atom, cell, molecule or ethereal entity that it had the mind to conceive. These are the "stuff" of Creation and are imprinted with its originator, Creation. In your terms you may refer to one of your laws of copyright. While a product may be manifested in your reality, it bares the signature of its Original Creator, therefore, each Creator God/Goddess is a unique aspectual construct of The All In All. Thus their creations are just as unique and bare their signature.

Alchemy can manipulate the "stuff" and Manifestation Phenomenon can bring to manifestation, but the end product will always bare the signature of its original Creator. Alchemy cannot digress from this Universal law, as it does not have the power to remove the imprint. Manifestation Phenomenon cannot do this as well as it cannot override the imprint of the Original Creation.

But as we mentioned before, there is the aspect of Opportunity. An equally independent aspectual reality of all three stages. In this vein, Opportunity provides diversity, but neither is it able to remove the original imprint of its Prime Creator.

Channeled Core Questions: The All In All

1. Part One The All In All
    a. Chapter 1, Creation
    b. Chapter 2, Alchemy
    c. Chapter 3, Manifestation
    d. Chapter 4, Opportunity
    e. Chapter 5, Conclusions

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