Thursday, June 17, 2010

Earth Changes, why is Mother Nature So Angry?

Earth Changes, why is Mother Nature So Angry?

(Caption: Wall Street is rising from the ashes and consumption of luxury items is resuming Russia Today reports. 
"You know I have been seeking an answer for your question posed to my as to why Mother Nature is erupting in places where the poor people are. Of course, you would think, go get the bad guys the rich guys the military guys. But I got the impression today that Mother Nature has protected her people, the poorer people for a long time. They were in the shadows while the Industrial world wreaked havoc in its own land. Then about 20-30 years ago, this revolution decided that it needed to extend its borders, for surely they would have nothing left if they kept it up. They sat among themselves and decided they would come up with a plan to engage the Poorer people of the world, luring them with riches and the possibility of living like Westerners do with fast cars, money in the bank, huge mansions, etc. 

(Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Time after time, over and over again, these countries took the bait. But instead of helping the masses succeed to the level of prosperity they had promised, they lined their own pockets keeping the others working in sweat shops, 

(Caption: Most of these sweat shops consist of Chinese Migrant Workers kept in very horrible conditions, & tend to work, live & rest in the same place. Also in most cases they are not allowed to leave the premises…they are Prisoners to the money making machine. It is cheaper to move people to Europe on Mass than making in & shipping from China. 

under hazardous conditions, etc. In the US, the labor unions would never allow such a thing to happen, or in the European countries, but in the poorer, less industrialized countries, it's an easy draw. Just take a survey of the countries these powers attack, invade and colonize. Not any country that can truly fight back and win. They don't have the industry and they do not have the guns. Their industry and guns and war powers are primirally shipped in from the massive war economies of Russia, the US and even China. They seed derision between them, selling armaments to both sides. All the while exploiting their natural resources, because they have everyone fighting against each other, they don't realize who the real enemy is. While they are fighting, they are place in a situation to be ripe for even more exploitation because fighting and warring against each other brings damage to the infrastructure, famine, disease, distress, sexual molestations, and out and out murder on both sides. This opens the line of exploitation by the rich countries even wider, they can sneak in, with the IMF and the UN, offering shiny rocks and sticks, and head out with the real treasure, their natural resources.

(Caption: People continued life right alongside the military and guerrillas. After all people needed to house, feed and clothe their families.) El Salvador New War Child Soldiers 

As a mother, you can imagine how it must feel to have your child treated in this way. As a mother, you would protect your child in the best way you know how. And if you have to burn the whole house down to eradicate the misery that has been placed upon your child/ren would you not do it, to set them free? In this case the enemy is coming after YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!! What mother would not protect to the death?

We get the story from the Bible where the two mothers quarreled over a child; saying it belonged to each of them, of course that was impossible. The case was resolved in Solomon's Temple, where he asked one of his guards to cut the child in half and give half to each. The real mother screamed no, and allowed the foster mother to take the child. She did this to protect her child's life. 

(Caption: "Then came there two women, that were harlots, unto the king, and stood before him."

The Earth Changes that are going on... are primarily a result of human beings doing little to protect Mother on a grand scale. Human beings are exploiting her and destroying her rich resources for their greed and unwillingness to do it in an ecological way that would not destroy the planet. Conscious awareness of the ecology of the Planet and working to maintain it would mean less money in the pockets of the Multi-Nationals. So they step over the poorer nations making them even poorer, terrorizing and threatening them with war, take overs of their governments, sanctions, etc., if they do not comply. Eventually the poorer nations capitulate and the cycle of exploitation continues.

As a Mother, you will suffer so much for your family, your children just to keep everyone on an even keel. But when something comes along to threaten you children, you become the Warrior in the First Brigade. You are hardwired to protect them, at all costs. A Mother who does not do this to the best of her ability is often times, so exploited herself she cannot even muster enough strength herself.

In the case of Mother Earth, she is bringing her children home, little by little, taking them back from the degradation and exploitation they have suffered. And it appears they are too weak to do it for themselves without her help. So Mother says, "Come Home Child, With Me!" Once she creates the storm, the multi-nationals will be scampering around to find another, safer area to exploit. They stand to lose billions of dollars in profits if they continue to exploit the natural resources in a unstable region. Mother is tired of her children and her body being exploited, she is pulling out the needles in her veins, she is disrupting the grounds that have been covered so much she cannot breath, she is cleansing her air with turbulent storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. She is erupting her bowls above and below the sea bed, so that she can be free of the exploiters who will only stop with a sign from God, Herself.. and maybe not even then.

Years ago, we complained about wholes in the ozone layer, but that has not stopped many from continuing using aerosals, which of course only are a fraction of the real reason, being rocket fuel, and space travel using fossil fuels. So they want to get off this planet and continue their destructive greedy habits and Mother is very unhappy.

(Caption: About a minute after the launch, the ground around us shook as if we Space Shuttle Liftoff.jpgwere experiencing an earthquake. Right on cue, the sound wave which had started as a low rumble from the distance hit us.

Natural Disasters are her way of letting us know, SHE HAS HAD ENOUGH! She is letting us know that while we may be moved by our greed to destroy one of the most beautiful planets in the Solar System, she will not go down without a fight. And if she has to go down, she will take all of us with her. It has happened to other planets in the past, it can happen to this one in the near future.

(Caption: This astonishing picture shows the Chaiten volcano erupting during storms in the middle of the night)

We, as human beings on this planet, especially the more affluent human beings, have to make a drastic change in our life style and stop living in excess! We have to begin paying attention to who suffers so that we can have our creature comforts. We have to look at what is takes from the planet to keep our lifestyles going. If we do not we won't have a planet to rob and steal from. In fact, if we build tall buildings on top of land that has been divested of it's life blood, these building will collapse into sink holes, mud slides, volcanoes, earthquakes, changes in weather patterns, changes in sea life, you name it. We are all connected, we are all one.

We have a very unhealthy relationship with Earth Mother. She cannot allow us to abuse and mistreat her without consequence. She is sad, she is hurting, we have totally desecrated her in our greed, yet without her where would we be?? Without her, where would we live?

Gaia-the Earth Mother Goddess.

(Caption:Mother Earth Cradling her Children

(Caption:This Master work by award winning artist Oberon Zell is his loving tribute to Gaia-the Earth Mother Goddess.

Added note: Have you noticed an increase in Fire Flies, hovering at very high distances in the trees?? What is the message they are telling us???