Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Cargo Cult

Wikipedia gives an explanation of the concept of the Cargo Cult. Expressed as some primitive reaction to modernity, I would wager that it is universally, from many millions of years ago, humanities attempt to explain and then deify the unexplained.

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Ceremonial cross of John Frum cargo cult, Tanna island, New Hebrides (now Vanuatu), 1967 A cargo cult is a religious practice that has appeared in many traditional pre-industrial tribal societies in the wake of interaction with technologically advanced cultures. The cults focus on obtaining the material wealth (the "cargo") of the advanced culture through magic and religious rituals and practices. Cult members believe that the wealth was intended for them by their deities and ancestors. Cargo cults developed primarily in remote parts of New Guinea and other Melanesian and Micronesian societies in the southwest Pacific Ocean, beginning with the first significant arrivals of Westerners in the 19th century. Similar behaviors have, however, also appeared elsewhere in the world. Cargo cult activity in the Pacific region increased significantly during and immediately after World War II, when the residents of these regions observed the Japanese and American combatants bringing in large amounts of material. When the war ended, the military bases closed and the flow of goods and materials ceased. In an attempt to attract further deliveries of goods, followers of the cults engaged in ritualistic practices such as building crude imitation landing strips, aircraft and radio equipment, and mimicking the behaviour that they had observed of the military personnel operating them. Continued here

What I have learned in my travels through these mystic realms is that humanity creates its elementals. Once the figure appeared, it can and does whatever human beings intend for it to do. Many times humans give power to things outside of themselves and do not realize that it is their own power and "Creator-ship" that is doing it. It is a master plan to keep the masses ignorant of their true power, so that they can continue to be controlled.

If healing was done in the name of Jesus Christ, it was the intent and power of those calling the name that did it. This can be seen in the many other cases where the name is called and nothing happens. It is all about frequency.

The Romans knew that his character, real or fictitious had major impact on the people of that time. They needed to continue to rule the Empire and if creating or promoting or prosletyzing such a Christ would keep them in power, then that is what they did. To this day, the Vatican is the so-called seat of the Spiritual power of the world.. what ever that means, but it is still in high position, though the Roman empire fell.

Humanity is hard wired to believe in other than self, outside of self, power not contained in self, so the scriptures (propaganda-sorry to say) indoctrinates folks to believe in a power outside of them. It made the Romans rich, it made the Catholic Church rich, and today, it makes the so-called powers that be rich elites who continue to dupe the masses. Whatever character they need to use to demonize (Bin Laden) or glorify (celebrities) we have the same story going on, the story of good and evil, savior and saved, lost and found.

So for real, it does not matter if Jesus is real or contrived.. what matters is the power this Archetype has had in taking away the "PERSONAL POWER" of humanity, or anyone who believes in him. It enslaves humanity and ties a yoke of perceived and fabricated freedom predicated on what... SOMEBODY ELSE DID FOR YOU! It props up governments worldwide, who take care of their citizens, instead of societies where citizen take care of themselves. It's the age old plan of keeping the slaves in check through the use of false hope in that which is outside, thus losing connection to the true divine self that lies within. It creates martyrs, pacifist, abusers and dictators. When humanity finally wakes up from its slumber, hypnosis and amnesia, there will be a whole lot of shaking going on, that will reverberate throughout the entire Universe.

The Cargo Cult
Humanity has been hidden under a veil. This veil shields us from knowing our true essence in God Consciousness and our abilities as it relates to this "Source-God Consciousness". Even in the traditional African belief systems, human beings fall prey to depending on the "Gods" to do for them, to heal them, to save them, to work for them, etc. Oftentimes, they to are blind to their own innate powers and abilities. The extremes are quite apparent in these traditions as well for you have the "evangelists" who proselytize and attempt to demonize others outside of their belief system.

Because this veil was brought here during a time when slavery to enslave the ancient human, it is all pervasive. The Ancient human did not need Gods. They knew of their God-Consciousness and could see God-Consciousness in everything around them. They had not yet forgotten where they came from. They knew of their connection to God-Source without reservation.

But they were also human, and the realms of 3d physicality is designed in such a way, it can be subjugated by doubt, fear and displays of omnipotence. The so-called "Gods of Eden" came here with these displays so they could rule, control and subdue the entities they found.

They set up systems to continue this while they went off to perpetrate in other parts of the Universe. The mysteries left behind have been fought over, plagiarizer, distorted, demonized and embellished by the inhabitants of this planet who desired to have that same control/power/riches as their fore-bearers.

Over time, systems became infiltrated with these desires and the masses became divided, separated from Nature and from each other. One example, language. Before language there was telepathy. The veil cause humanity to have amnesia and to forget "Source."

Humanity devolved to a species that needs and uses physicality, ie, technology in various forms to create their reality and fulfill their needs. Humanity has lost the ability to bring into manifestation whatever it needs without machines. Think about this, if humanity existed on this planet for millions of years, what did they use to keep them going before the arrival of the "Gods?"  Now we are here in this time, now we are charged with finding our way back to our true self, and that includes all of us, no matter our race, creed, color, nationality or any other persuasion. Thanks for reading this.

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“Originally, the interaction of IS-BE illusions or inventions created the very fabric of the physical universe — the microcosm and the macrocosm. Every single particle of the universe has been imagined and brought into existence by an IS-BE. Everything created from an idea — a thought with no weight or size or location in space. Every speck of dust in space, from the size of the tiniest subatomic particle, to the size of a sun or a magelantic cloud the size of many galaxies, was created from the nothingness of a thought. Even the tiniest, individual cells were contrived and coordinated to enable a microbial entity to sense, and navigate through infinitesimally small spaces. These also came from an idea thought up by an IS-BE. You, and every IS-BE on Earth, have participated in the creation of this universe. Even though you are now confined to a fragile body made of flesh; you live for only 65 short rotations of your planet around a star; you have been given overwhelming electric shock treatments to wipe out your memory; you must learn everything all over again each lifetime; in spite of all these circumstances, you are who you are and will always be. And, deep down, you still know that you are and what you know. You are still the essence of you.”