Saturday, August 10, 2013

Next Step in the Journey of My Life, the Miracle

Life is a journey, and surely we are all travelers. On our path, we meet and greet and sometimes stay a while. This is an update on my latest adventure on this path of life.

After approximately 7 years at my location in Darby, it became apparent that it was time to move on. Personally, moving is not something that I had before now, even looked forward to. The packing, the stuff all in boxes, nothing in the place where it's supposed to be and the expense have always been a major deterrent for me.

When I moved to Darby, PA it was at a point in my life when it had once again became time for me to make a change of residence. I spent 13 years of change, development, progress, projects, ups and downs on my journey as an entrepreneur. The avenues I explored, enhanced my life to a very high degree, but alas, it came time to move on.

Being an independent entrepreneur, one must constantly re-image oneself and develop various ways to succeed in an economy that's based on consumerism. Having said that, my organization was more focused in cultural enrichment, rather than consumerism, yet the reality is, that at some point, someone would have to "buy" my line on what positive impact cultural enrichment can have on society and their immediate community. I said all that to say, there was a fee charged for my services and the services of my company, DECACS, Inc.

Moving from Philadelphia to Darby, PA posed no real problem as far as the continuation of my business endeavors, as much as it caused me to downsize from the elaborate 3 story building/office/cultural center to a much smaller facility. I must admit that the move to Darby, PA had to be very taxing for everyone who came out to help, cause though I threw at least 2/3rd's of my stuff away, there was still lots of stuff that I took with me. At the time, I could barely walk or stand for any significant period of time. I had been under the rule of an acute case of rheumatoid arthritis. To this day I thank all of those who helped me cause basically, it would have been impossible for me to do much more then sit and watch them move all that stuff I packed.

This move has taken me from Darby, across the bridge to NJ. It's interesting to watch how the things you thought about years ago come to pass. One was the abject fear that I had of NJ. The idea that I would get lost in a state full of boroughs! Having traveled with the "Voices Of Africa" Choral & Percussion Ensemble, we had gotten lost too many times to count in NJ. They have this crazy law about making a left off the highway. If you don't know your way around you will most definitely be lost. So they say, the thing you fear, you bring to you, because of all the fear energy attracts it. But today, thank Goddess for GPS!! And where I am located is easy to find. Truly a blessing.

On the other hand, I think I had a bunch of mixed feelings about living in NJ. I always thought it was most beautiful because of the trees and the houses in the parts that I did visit over the years. Of course, Camden is another story.. but the other places we visited and even spent some time in were very, very beautiful. Then came Hurricane Sandy, and I began to wonder again, if I would ever feel safe or comfortable living in NJ. Needless to say, that thought had better find another pathway to travel because NJ here I am.

It had taken me at least a month to pack before the move. Again, I am throwing out stuff, that I had from my Darby location, and even came across stuff I hadn't looked at since my move to Darby, in 2006. Surely that says if you haven't looked at it, you are not using it, that begs the question, do you need it??

I threw out so much stuff this time the trashmen were getting pissed off. And going through the stuff I did keep now, I am still wondering, hmmmmm???? should I keep it or throw it away. Nowadays with the advent of the internet, computers and external hard drives, there really is less and less of a need for a paper trail. So lots and lots of paper got thrown away. Along with the storage units to store all that paper.

The Move was not as traumatic as many others. In fact it was quite miraculous and I thank all the folks tagged in here for all of your help and assistance.

It just became time again. My Darby Landlord was the best landlord I ever had as it relates to the upkeep and repairs to the property. He was most gracious when I paid the rent on time, as he should be. But when I would meet those difficult times when I was late, well, he would not cut the grass or come over and do any repairs. I couldn't really blame him for his indignation, but sometimes it was to his disadvantage. We even met in court, 3 times. I was a good tenant, took care of his property like it was my own, he knew that, but, you know, sometimes you just want the money, or shall I say, need the money.  I really had to change my attitude towards him. I began to realize that the same dog that bit me, was biting him too. I grew, then turned my anger into a deep compassion for him. He didn't really want to evict me, but we live on a planet where we all have to "pay" to live on it. Ironically, Alex Collier said that the Andromedans asked him, "why do you have to pay to live on a planet that you were born on?" That is a tremendous question and brings me even more to the "prison planet" conclusion I came to about this place.

My landlord was under as much stress if not more as I was to maintain himself and his family, "striving for the American Dream" funny how that dream can cost you a lot of life force energy. So I extended my intentions for Abundance to include his family as well. It seemed to work out, because with that Service to Others attitude, doors began to open and my last month's rent was paid in full. BTW, that last threat of eviction happened in Dec. 2012, and I am grateful to all the folks who helped me get past that one. Medase Pii.

I wrote a blog some time ago, that talked about my fear and trepidation around moving. See here: do believe that writing that blog helped me get in touch with that part of myself that abhorred moving. This time, I leaned into my mother's energy as she moved so much we lost count, and began to see it as a creative adventure, an opportunity to explore another part of the world, meet new people and arrange my boxes. This time, this move was made with more settled feelings and less stressful ones. And to my pleasant surprise, my knees held up the entire time! I did have a slight mishap and twisted my ankle, but even that healed very quickly. It happened on the final leg of the journey, so even that was perfectly timed.

I asked the Universe to bless any and all folks who helped in anyway, even if they just had positive intentions towards me making this transition.

Then a miracle happened. It is hard to describe in words, but when I think of the folks who helped me, I am overwhelmed with joy, happiness and proof that when you intend wonderful things for others, the Universe will respond by giving you a taste of that wonderful-ness.

I gave a shit-load of stuff away!! And the magic began with folks needing the stuff I had at that very moment I was giving it away. Some call it synchronicity.. I call it Divine Order. Every single person who got what I was giving away, was in need of having it and was just about to go and get it from some place else. How absolutely cool is that? But to add to the beauty of it, was that folks actually were apologetic if they could not get stuff. It seemed they all knew it had to go and wanted to be of service. Some times, you don't realize why you may have accumulated certain things in your life. Years later it is of some great use to another. I am not saying that we should be hoarders or grasping consumers, but on the real, when the time has come to be gracious and sharing, it is most beautiful to see that which you have given away put a smile on another's face. I am not materialistic, and live rather simplistically, so giving things away that I certainly could not use was perfectly fine with me. Of course I could have attempted to sell the stuff, but in the final analysis, my actions in giving them away, opened other doors of abundance for me that I am still in awe of.

I attempted to list all the helpers who came through for me in this relocation project. But there were others who are not my Facebook friends. So many others. I just want to give a big shout out to all of you who pitched in and helped me make it through flooded out highways, loading and unloading heavy stuff, access to a moving truck, taking my cat, and various other things that you did that are too numerous to mention here. Just know that I am grateful and wish you all, long life, health and wealth in mind, body and spirit.

I am here now, 10 days in, and the ironic part about it is that it doesn't feel new, or different, or strange to be here under these circumstances and in this environment. It actually feels surreal. Like basking in a Miraculous energy and feeling extremely blessed to have made it through. On some levels I feel that I am still moving as it seems I am still going, then on the other hand, I feel like I have settled in for the long (short) haul.

So again, big, humungous thanks to every single solitary person who helped with the slightest of good wishes for me as I take this Next Step in the Journey of My Life, the Miracle

Peace & Blessings
Nana Baakan