Monday, September 5, 2016

Proof on who made crop circles! (Video)

NB CommentaryNice video, I really liked the perspective given in this video about who makes crop circles..
I think that thoughts are things, we creat every day in our lives, from making a meal to creating chaotic drama. Some of us are mediums, some of us are clairvoyant, and some of us are even telepathic. As a Psychic Medium myself, I can definitely subscribe to the notion that "precognition" can occur as thoughts travel throughout the Universe and can be picked up and actualized.
I once gave a class on this very notion. It came about when someone said that someone else "stole" their idea. I explained that while we may "think" that our thoughts are "private" they travel throughout the Universe and can be transcribed or manifested by another, someone who has the wherewithal to put "action" behind the thought.

I believe that the Universe was created from the "Thought and/or Word" from source, therefore all else manifests as phenomenon as well.
Western civilization dissects, and analyzes separating thoughts from things, when in fact they are things and those things can be acted upon.
So, let's say, that the mind is the conduit for the "idea" of the crop circle. The mind of the "actor" can project and manifest the circle in the physical world. The actor can be from this world or another.
I am sure that there are those who, with an interest in crop circles, and who are dreamers, have seen them in their dreams, but not have the wherewithal to locate and report the circles they've seen in the dream state.

To me, we are all part of a great Cosmic pool. Some of us put our toe in and others go for the deep swim. Namaste, NABA