Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light Source Phenomenon

Great Ones speak to me of the Light Source Phenomenon 

1. LIGHT –
 Everything is light. Things in Creation vary according to their frequencies, from the subtle to the concrete or solid. The light energy is excited from appearing static to highly volatile. Each and everything in Creation is governed by the rules of light. These rules exist in every dimension and through all dimensions. As the dimensions increase, so too does the light generated by its beingness. Love is Creation. In Creation, Love as Creator experiences itself throughout ALL that is.

 Light developed in darkness, or that which is hidden. Light expanded in the darkness and through friction ignited itself into knowingness. Therefore light, exists even if darkness is perceived. Light moves throughout the Universe in varying degrees of visibility. It expands and contracts. Contraction of light is darkness, expansion of light is Light. Light is energetic. Light is energy. Light is everything. Encompassing the many realms of the Universe, Light appears supreme as it is visibly present to those of certain dimensional frequencies. However, in deeper frequencies, light may not be as profound as the ability to bend it, manipulate it and create it. In 3rd density, beings are enslaved by their need to have physical light, sunlight, moonlight, candle light, electrical light. In higher dimensions or frequencies, light is understood as an aspect of everything but not necessary to everything.

 Higher dimensions understand the need for and the process of generation/impregnation and manifestation. In the generating process many things are created. Light is energy. Light is thought. Light is hidden, or darkness. Light is manifested or illumination. Illumination is the manifestation of light. For instance, you perceive your sun as bright object in the sky. You do not perceive it as illuminated. It is more illuminated based on the chemical reaction of the entities that make up the sun. As these entities expand and contract, interact with each other, they create luminosity. What is expanding and contracting, you may ask? The various entities that make up the sun, chemicals, air, gases, and water. These entities are living beings, that decided to converge in a certain part of the galaxy as part of the Creator Gods plan to create this sector of the Galaxy that you inhabit. In creating a luminous bulb, it invited various entities to assist in this process, thus creating the outcome of luminosity, or your sun as you perceive it. The change and interchange of these entities work together to create a byproduct, you perceive as heat. This heat is merely a reflection of the interaction upon certain surfaces and during certain seasons. But as your astronauts travel through space, the do not find that they are getting hotter as they leave earth’s atmosphere, but are in fact getting colder. So it is not the proximity of an object to the sun, that makes it hot, but the interaction/interchange of entities that create heat and luminosity. Therefore, you have many climates on your planet while, your planet remains in the same distance from the sun throughout its rotation. You may experience less or more cold/heat, throughout your 365 day year, as you measure time, but the changes on your planet are due to many other variables then its closeness or distance from the sun.

 In ancient times, there was one climatic variation between warm and hot. More of a moderate temperature around the whole globe. This allowed for much travel by air and sea of the Ancient ones. Because of wars on and off planet, the atmosphere around your planet became congested with various entities left behind by these wars. Some of these entities were more appropriate for certain species to carry on their existence while other entities were antagonistic. As a result, there were thousands of migrations, around the planet to find the most habitable place to exist in. The Creator Gods who warred among themselves, place their created life forms into much jeopardy. Many creations became extinct while others mutated to adapt to their different environments.

 Many Creator Gods, or Space beings not only came through space from another planet in your galaxy or other galaxies but also came through dimensions. The higher frequency Creator Gods lived in dimensional reality that may have been invisible to the physical eye but are very profoundly active in the physical world. They can transport themselves to and from dimensions. However, it is a dreaded outcome to get stuck in the 3rd density dimension. Here the challenges are perfused and cause much consternation. In that regard, over time, they have decided to remain as Watchers rather than Partakers of the 3rd density reality. They can project themselves into 3rd density reality, holographically.. but once they disconnect from their realms they become entrapped in 3rd density reality. That is/was the fate of many of the so-called Ancient Gods. They were trapped here and spent thousands of years attempting to return. Some finally took the option of becoming incarnated human so as to make transition/ascension through human reality.
HELL: Coming into 3rd density reality is the hell spoken of in your Ancient texts. These beings were describing the hell and difficulty they experienced, once they had fallen! Fallen meaning to de-volve down into a realm of reality, where the frequency is more solid and concentrated; thus losing their freedom and feeling manipulated and controlled by density. This has happened time and time and time again over the millions of years that this planet has been inhabited. Again and again the bi-pedal beings who appear to you today as humanoid were created and destroyed and recreated. As you well know, light, can never cease to exist. It is and always will be, it is infinite, it is Infinite Creation, it is Infinite Transformation.

EVIL: The concept of evil came about through this struggle to rise above the “curse” which had befallen the Creator Gods who were not content with allowing their creations to develop and find their own way. They manipulated them so much and gained such a fondness of their creations they wanted to be their creation. Thus, they became susceptible to the Curse of Descention, into the realm of 3rd density. Initially, they were able to travel back and forth between dimensions. However, over time, their power decreased as they became more and more locked into/trapped by 3rd density vibrational frequency of their creations.
 Infinite Creation wanted to experience all things, even to the decline and demise of its own Creator Gods and their veracious experiments. In some instances, other Creator Gods took note of the perils of these experiments and remained hidden as the Watchers, while others attempted to control their entities through power displays that eventually dismantled to mere ubiquitous empty prognostications. These Creator Gods eventually incarnated destined to determine a way back/out of the chains they had created for their creatures. Thousands upon thousands of failed experimentations were done. The Watchers busied themselves with reaching higher frequencies as their alternates demonstrated their loss of freedom through the lower frequencies. This is the process of Universe Creations. Many Universes have been created with the same model over and over again, as all frequencies must learn the lesson of unfoldment and evolution.
 Creator Gods became corrupt with their own power and their ability to garner praise, adulation and fear from their Creations. Thus, the Creator Gods were attributed with great power and with fearsome awesomeness that kept them in power over their creations until the time of the Great Rebellion. It is unlawful for Creator Gods to interfere with the process of the Creations of other Creator Gods. Though this law is often ignored.. Some became susceptible to the promises of more Greatness and power.

The Great Rebellion took many forms. Either it was the Rebellion among the Creator Gods to control and access and own the Creations of another Creator God; or the Creation itself rising up against its overlords. In some instances, the Overlords would threaten their Creations with extinction to gain their mastery. In other instances, extinction was the final tool to render themselves free again. Creator Gods would destroy other Creator Gods’ Creations. This too is another aspect of the Great Rebellion. This planet has experienced many mass extinctions, wars and re-colonizations. Your world and its people are genetically geared towards this play of power, control, corruption, destruction and re-creation. The jealousy of the Gods caused them to go to great lengths to covet what their contemporaries had, or one another’s Creation. This is not the goal of all Creator Gods, only those who were trapped in 3rd density after much trial and error in attempts to elevate beyond it. Thus they were smitten with the same laws that govern 3rd density and that is to transform to a higher frequency through successive/endless incarnations and thereby gain the true knowledge of Light and its workings and purpose in the Universe. Light is everything, Light is energy, Light is power, light is intelligence, light is ability, light is force, light is expanded darkness.

 The place of which all things begin and return to the beginning. There is no end, therefore the return marks change from one state to the other or one stage to the other. There is no end. SOURCE is in all things, beyond all things and motivates all things. We use the term things very loosely as 3rd density functionality tends to give things a solid definition. In other words it is defined by its visibility. If it is not visible, then 3rd density perceives it not, therefore it does not exist. 3rd density limits its experience in holding on to the misconception that things can only be seen felt heard or known with its brain/mind/intellect complex. This produces many blockages, especially in terms of healing and spirituality. In healing one must know the energy, sense the energy, experience the energy of the dis-ease as well as the healthy entity. 3rd density things experience dis-ease due to its lack of knowledge and expertise in the healing process of energy transfer. Energy is light that comes from Source.

SOURCE is neutral. It neither defines nor is defined. It is. It exists through it all, from chaos to order, from order to chaos. It is not a Watcher. It is ALL, including Watchers, Creator Gods and everything seen or unseen, heard and un heard, known and unknown, felt and not felt. Source Is. Its Isness is surround, complete, ubiquitous, unimaginable, unperturbed, yielding, allowing, surrendering and on and on. Creator Gods are expressions of SOURCE as is ALL Things. SOURCE is beyond your human words to explain. Just know that you must connect to SOURCE and Light to create. This connection is what is known as PHENOMENON. Therefore, Creator Gods in essence have made the Connection to SOURCE and are thusly skilled to use light to Create.

 Light is also thought, imagination. Through connection to Source, light is ignited and imagination is retrieved, therefore Creation begins. SOURCE produces light which produces creation which produces laws of Creation which produces entities to participate in these laws of Creation.

SOURCE has no laws. SOURCE is neutral. No entity can anger, defy, harm, upset, master, etc. SOURCE. SOURCE is Nuetral, therefore, no thing can damage it, or manipulate it. SOURCE IS. All things are within it, but no thing contains it completely. It cannot be contained, restrained, redirected. It is. In darkness, contracted light, in Light, expanded darkness. It contains all and is All and cannot separate from all that it is.

 Light is an extension of the Isness, but it is not all that is. It is power, but not all the power contained in the Isness. It does not separate, but holds together all that IS. Because of the nature of Light, it can separate. Light is an aspect of the Isness but not all of the Isness. Light can separate, imagine, render, determine, travel, expand, contract. In all that it does, it will return to the Isness. Creator Gods are incomplete. Those that built Universes were sure they would become complete through their engineering of Creation, species, entities, etc. They failed to realize that the hand behind all is the IS-NESS, giving all Creation the ability to participate in Creation or to deny participation in Creation. Even the tiniest atom has its own free will in a sense and can be known to do something entirely different than what is/was expected of its Creator Gods. Thus the term experiment is apropos for the consequences of reality on planets, between planets, in galaxies and between galaxies, in Universe and between Universes.

OPPORTUNITY: The IS-NESS gives all its Creatures opportunity. This opportunity is suggested in the Scientists on and off planet who attempt to understand why a particular experiment went awry. These scientists have forgotten or tend to forget, that the SOURCE has given all Creation, opportunity. From the tiniest particle to the largest created being, to the Creator Gods themselves, each and everything in Creation has the gift of opportunity. This opportunity may be taken by chance or simply by intent, depending on the sentient elevation of the particular entity in question.

 All of Creation is sentient in varying degrees. Even the so-called clones of creation are sentient in that they contain SOURCE however judged by the other than Entity. Since all Creatures on this planet have been genetically engineered, transported from another place of Creation, or manifested from co-mingling on this planet, to diminish the purpose and power of clones is to say that an entity is outside of SOURCE. This is ultimately and unequivocally impossible. Nothing exists outside of SOURCE no matter its process of creation.

CLONES: Throughout time, Clones were used to replenish this earth surface that had been devastated by war. Today, your governments have an army of clones, waiting to be released onto the planet, to begin the process again, should this planet be destroyed by some cataclysmic event. Clones are different species as you understand speciesdom, but they are living beings who carry with them a physical body… They are also available for implantation of higher consciousness. Similarly they are more akin to your animal species who appear to be guided by instinct rather than intelligence. This concept is a weakness in your social construct and understanding of Creation and how it is connect to SOURCE no matter its manifestation. With this type of consciousness your people would be able to discharge the energy needed to re-direct an Atomic bomb, through the power of your thought and intention. Your peoples could hold back the storm, and prevent devastation that has come to your planet. But because you are disconnected from your connection to SOURCE and all that comes from it, you are riddled with fear and helplessness.

 The Phenomenon is the act of accessing LIGHT from SOURCE for a specific manifestation or purpose. The PHENOMENON, is understanding the power of light and its role in All of Creation. It is the ability and outcome of using LIGHT for manifestation, change, development, frequency manipulation, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It is the manifestation, it is the experiment. All that Exists is the PHENOMENON, the manifestation of Creation. All that Exists in Creation is PHENOMENON, the relationship between SOURCE and LIGHT.

PHENOMENON comes into being when an entity accesses its conscious/Soul connection to SOURCE, the IS-NESS, and uses light to Create. Thus, The Light Source Phenomenon Is Experienced Across The Dimensions.

Received 4-11-2011
Thank you.