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Kymatica - 2009

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Kymatica by Ben Stewart:

Majority Can Be Wrong

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PHILLIP DEERE (1929 - 1985)

A Conversation with Phillip Deere, Muskogee Creek Elder.

The entire Creation still follows the Original Instructions of life. The Tree, the fruits, they never fail.
They never make a mistake to bring their fruits in their season.
The Animals never make a mistake.
They still live as they were created.
Among the Creation...Life, the Circle, a measurement with no beginning and no ending.
- Phillip Deere (Muskogee Creek 1977)

Forgiveness is a powerful tool

Forgiveness is a powerful tool for releasing old pain and opening up to Infinite Creation. It allows the soul to resolve it's old debts and move forward into the light.

Forgiveness begins with self, if you cannot forgive yourself, you cannot forgive anyone. Abuse, pain, lies, disappointment, hatred, greed, envy, and many other not so positive emotions line up to darken your light and drain your psychic energy. They are debilitating and can lead to many illnesses, as they do not nurture your spiritual advancement but stifle your spiritual development. These emotions are heavy and weighty and prevent the physical body from becoming a light body capable of seeing beyond the physical realm. These emotions trap us in 3rd density where we are blinded to the Awesome Power of the All in All.

Creation includes all, even these emotions.. but it is important to connect to them, understand their purpose, move along the frequency of healing and release.

FORGIVENESS is a powerful releasing energy. It is important to see the harm done, no doubt. But to harbor animosity hatred and anger.. lengthens our time in 3rd density, preventing the upward movement into 4th and 5th density. Third density is one of the most challenging because we are privy to the many paradoxes. conflicts and contradictions. In 3rd density, Creation challenges to find the balance, away from extremes, towards Oneness. This Oneness is lost to the naked eye.. forgiveness is a vehicle to open the third eye, and see that we are all mirrors of one another.

We are all mirrors of Creation's desire to know itself through our experience.