Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two Elders Talk Of Star Beings

ufohypotheses (YouTube Channel) | November 07, 2010

Releasing in November 2010, "Two Elders Talk of Star Beings," co-produced by Cosmic Chronicles and Under-Appreciated Science Productions, is a sixty-minute documentary filmed entirely on location in New Mexico on the Zuni reservation. This promo clip offers a glimpse of this UFO documentary, which breaks new ground as two well-respected researchers of the extra-terrestrial contact phenomena, the late Wendelle C. Stevens, a world-famous UFO contact researcher of seven decades, and Zuni elder, Galaxy Medicine Society and Kachina Society member Clifford Mahooty discuss the reality and ramifications of these ongoing contacts between human beings and ET species.

This may be the most open and frank discussion yet recorded between a native-American elder and and an outside researcher. Mahooty and Stevens share a lively conversation as video journalist Rick Keefe interviews the two men on their views and understandings of contact between ETs and human beings, filmed in the land of enchantment.

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