Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Newly discovered planet to save human race

I wonder if these scientists are related to Christopher Columbus. On the other hand, they been doing this since, 1950's and Hitler before then. People are selling real estate on the moon, carving up SPACE and claiming mineral rights, common now!!!. Gave McCaine his own 7 acres. They are just setting us up people! Do your research and you will find out, they are preparing for the big one!! How in the world/universe, can there be billions of stars and only Earth is inhabited, until they find another. If they don't see it, it ain't there... Just the language, "That has ever been discovered." Forget the Dogon, forget the Mayan.... but anyway, I digress, get your spacesuits y'all and get ready for a real ride, while they send their own to Mars/Moon and D.U.M.B."s and leave the rest behind to the destruction they left on earth. We should be happy for them, now shouldn't we???
@Isaac, yes dear, they have already set up "colonies" and have thousands if not millions of workers already there... But don't take my word for it, do your research.. They tried to do it on the Moon, but were told, NO, NO, NO, BY POWERS THAT REALLY BE!!!

tHIS PLANET IS a prison planet and has been since day one, or at least immediately after the missing link was discovered:) Humanity has acted against one another for a variety of reasons, sex, race, creed color, location. We must be careful in glorifying ancient history, because if the word Empire is used, guaranteed, there was suppression, slavery, theft of land and resources, rape, murder, violence, crime and warfare. Then after a time these Empires fall, you can name them... That is the nature of Empire, doomed to fall. We have an opportunity to change that from the inside out. We have a chance to be different then our predecessors and love our fellow human being and all life-forms. We have a chance to find out who we really are and elevate out soul to the position of Divine. Especially if they leave us here, which they are certainly gonna do, looking for their pie (spaceship) in the sky to swoop down and "take them away" to the funny farm. Because any other Worldly who makes alliances with corrupt governments here or around the world is suspect. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we better start loving self/others, cause we gonna be all we got, in the final draw..... and ain't no line of discrimination gonna help any of us left behind, the colors of the rainbow is what we will have my 7 chakra's your 7 chakras...... We Are One!!!