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Virtual Reality Shifts are a Doorway into Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

Virtual Reality Shifts are a Doorway into Fifth-Dimensional Timelines by DL Zeta

Virtual Reality Shifts are a Doorway into Fifth-Dimensional Timelines
by DL Zeta

It is possible at any time to visualize and begin aligning with the version of your reality that allows you to exist along fifth-dimensional timelines. As you gradually shift to higher-vibrational realities, struggle falls away from you; your response to the realities you encounter becomes one of acceptance and gratitude because you are able to see the blessings and higher order contained within every situation.

From this perspective, there is never a reason to allow yourself to be pulled into negative energies because love-filled alternatives exist adjacent to every moment and can be accessed in the blink of an eye. Each time we choose love over lower alternatives, we activate new timelines and potentials that hold the power to carry us seamlessly into fifth-dimensional life tracks.
In fact, it is possible to go a step further and incubate an entire fifth-dimensional life track and begin the process of shifting to this new reality thread.

Creating the World of your Highest Visions

Incubating the shift to a fifth-dimensional life track involves a simple process of creating the world of your highest visions and living in it as a virtual reality until it is fully activated into your physical reality.
Timelines are probability threads that extend in all directions from your present moment. In moments of stillness and meditation, and during time spent communing in nature, you are able to perceive alternative life tracks existing side by side with your present timeline. Often as you go through your day, thoughts filter through your mind of possible alternatives and choices. Some of these may seem more viable than others, depending on your degree of enmeshment into physical reality. By allowing yourself to step outside your current life track and detaching from physical reality, you are able to view the reality threads that are the closest match to your soul’s need to grow and expand. Reality threads that best meet your soul’s needs represent the world of your highest visions.

The shape of this preferred reality thread may not be the thread your conscious mind would choose or the thread your “common sense” would dictate. Reality threads that represent your highest vision may take you to unforeseen locations assisting people or animals in need, or they may set you on a course of training you had not previously considered. Through the lens of the physical world, common sense might tell you to choose the reality thread where you win the lottery and live out your days in luxury and ease. Unless this thread holds the growth opportunities most needed by your soul at the moment, this will not be the highest and best thread for you. In order to perceive and choose the highest and best life track at any given moment, it is essential to look at potentials through the eyes of your soul rather than the eyes of the world.

Living in a Preferred Thread as a Virtual Reality

Once you have chosen a preferred thread, you can begin to activate it into your physical experience by living in it as a virtual reality. This is a “fast track” to shifting into a new and preferred reality thread. This process allows you to slowly align with the energetic field of a new probability and develop a comfort zone in this new alternate world. Having a comfort zone already established in a preferred reality gives it greater viability as a life track.

Visit this virtual world in consciousness each day. Look around this world and expand it with your imagination. Ask for images, ideas and information to be downloaded into your consciousness of how you can build this virtual world into a viable reality thread. Whatever comes before you throughout your day, view it through the lens of this virtual thread you are incubating. When the time is right, you will see aspects of this life track manifesting in your physical experience.

Your Soul is Eternal, Physical Reality is Fleeting

Shifting to an alternative reality thread does not change who you are. Quite the contrary, it allows you to become more of who you are because it allows you to experience more of who you are at the soul level. Your identity and experience in physical reality is fleeting but your soul is eternal. Consciously choosing a life track aligned with the desires of your soul may briefly upset your ego but it will allow you greater spiritual freedom because it loosens the ego’s tight grip and its insistence at deciding the realities you experience.

Choosing a new life track aligned with your highest visions will change your physical experience in numerous ways. Not only does it change the tone and flavor of the reality threads you experience, but in time this shift can change your beliefs, perspectives and sense of possibility. This can in turn change your past, present and future and allow you to align with new and more vibrationally- powerful reality threads.

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All In All, Chapter 5, Conclusions

Channeled Core Questions

Chapter 5, Conclusions

1. Creation is an aspectual construct of The All In All
2. The All In All gave itself to many Creationary constructs
3. Creation imprints itself in all it Creates
4. Alchemy is an aspectual construct of The All In All
5. The All In All gave itself to many Alchemist constructs
6. Manifestation Phenomenon is an aspectual construct of The All In All
7. The All In All gave itself to many Manifestation Phenomenon
8. Creation, Alchemy & Manifestation Phenomenon function as an interdependent Trinity
9. In tandem, Creation, Alchemy & Manifestation bring all back to The All In All
10. Opportunity is the dynamic aspect of The All In All
11. Opportunity is imbedded in all of Existence, including Creation, Alchemy and Manifestation Phenomenon
12. Opportunity provides diversity, change and expansive probabilities throughout existence
13. There are many existences, universes and dimensional realities all present at once
14. The All In All is neutral and subjective
15. The All In All is neither positive or negative
16. The All In All contains all that is in existence
17. The All In All is in all is aspectual constructs yet beyond them
18. Third dimensional reality is challenged to seek balance and objectivity
19. Third dimensional reality is challenged to see beyond its physicality

Channeled Core Questions: The All In All

1. Part One The All In All
    a. Chapter 1, Creation
    b. Chapter 2, Alchemy
    c. Chapter 3, Manifestation
    d. Chapter 4, Opportunity
    e. Chapter 5, Conclusions

The All In All, Chapter 4, Opportunity

Channeled Core Questions 12-18-2011

What is Opportunity?

 Q. What is Opportunity

A. Opportunity can best be explained as Free Will. In other words all things have this innate possession/gift/quality regardless of its role in Manifestation Phenomenon.

Q. Please explain, role in Manifestation Phenomenon.

A. Role in Manifestation Phenomenon is the representative expression of the intent of Creation/Alchemy that was/is imbued in Manifestation Phenomenon. For example, your cells, though seemingly dormant are constantly moving and changing, without your awareness. While they carry the original imprint from their Creator/Prime Creator.. They may or may not abide by the particular intent set forth. In your terms, this is how disease or dis-ease may occur. Or on another level how, what you refer to as disharmony, can occur.

Since Opportunity is available to all things, all things may change course or subsequently present in a different manifestation than what was originally desired. In Creations' incompleteness, it did not take into account that Opportunity could totally alter the progression of a particular Creation without consulting with its intenders.

Opportunity was imprinted in Creationary Gods/Goddess, or Prime Creators. It was also imprinted in Alchemy and Manifestation Phenomenon. It is a dynamic aspect of The All In All which allows all things to choose. It also allows for diversity in Creation, and through this diversity other outcomes come about.

Remembering the initial imprint, Manifestation Phenomenon can decide to take a different course, during or after the initial project was set in motion. Example, you are aware of birth defects. In this analysis, we chose the term Opportunity to describe the different outcomes that may occur with all the intent of the birth parents. Unbeknownst to them; their creational intent and alchemical reproduction and physical manifestation took a turn towards diversity, and rather brought forth an anomaly that was unexpected. In researching their genealogy they may or may not find the conscript for this anomaly. Nevertheless, the child is imprinted with its original Creator, or as it were, its parents and bares their resemblance.

This can also occur with inanimate objects as you perceive them to be inanimate. Each object is a collection of entities in existence or intelligences. At any time, they may decide to steer from the prescribe course and present an unusual and/or unwanted outcome. Because the human construct in your reality, does not perceive the so-called inanimate object as having the potential or having Opportunity, these anomalies appear as difficulties or considered hindrances.

One who knows the intrinsic nature of these things, so-called inanimate objects could imbue the object with a command to change the operation of the fore-spoken of difficulty. In other words, if your car should break down, it has taken the Opportunity to function in a different manner. If you understand the concept of Opportunity, you will approach your vehicle as it is, in its choice to do something different than you expected or wanted and implore it to reset itself so that you can go on your way. This is not magic, but an understanding of the energetic frequency in all of existence. This exercise provides you with the knowledge of your vehicle and its function in existence thus putting you in the position to change it. Again, it may refuse to change and begin to work again. In that vein other variables may be present. That is, it may have decided that the neglect it has endured over time is too much, so it would rather not start, but insist that you fix whatever is preventing it from traveling.

In your present reality, this is most misunderstood. Your scientists would seek to find some perceivable solution to the problem, rather than seeking the unperceivable. They may seek external solutions and prescriptions while totally missing the point that all things are endowed with Opportunity to oblige or not to oblige according to its initial design. You understand this in human reality but are remiss to see this in the total of all reality.

Recently, there have been many criers of impending doom caused by variant comet, asteroid or incapacitated satellite. You watch the heavens wondering when the hour will come, only to find out that the object has taken a different course.  A number of reasons could be the cause of this phenomenon, however hardly is there someone to express that the entity may have simply decided to take a different course. This does not remove the possibility of an external intervention but it does not include it totally. Therefore living matter as you perceive it to be living along with all matter that you perceive to be non living and all dimensions beyond your perception have the innate ability to demonstrate its own intrinsic ability towards Opportunity. Creation/Alchemy/Manifestation Phenomenon become an expansive system of probabilities, sometimes beyond the scope of your human intelligences.

It is hoped that this lesson will help to fine tune your awareness, consciousness and perceptions of what is happening around you at all times; and put you in a more powerful position to understand your reality, hence putting you in a more powerful position as Co-Creators of your existence.

Channeled Core Questions: The All In All

1. Part One The All In All
    a. Chapter 1, Creation
    b. Chapter 2, Alchemy
    c. Chapter 3, Manifestation
    d. Chapter 4, Opportunity
    e. Chapter 5, Conclusions

The All In All, Chapter 3, Manifestation Phenomenon

Channeled Core Questions 12-18-2011

What is Manifestation Phenomenon?
Q. What is Manifestation Phenomenon?

A. Are you clear on the relationship and interrelationship between Creation and Alchemy? If you are clear, then we can move on.

Q. I believe I am clear. These concepts are somewhat hard to adjust into perspective in a single moment, but they do help to understand the inner workings of Creation and Alchemy as an aspectual construct of  The All In All.

A. Then let's continue. You may always come back to refer to these and many more as we go on.

To Answer your question. Manifestation Phenomenon is the end product, the production outcome of the interactions and interrelationship between Creation and Alchemy. It is simple and complete in that it took millions of years but can also be sustained and maintained for many many more millions of years. The Universe that you are aware of is just one of the many Universes in Existence. These Universes while created from a single intent for The All In All to express its many aspectual constructs, they do not all contain the same material and have in some instances developed simultaneously or as it were, in parallel manifestation. This is expressed to you because you measure time. If you did not measure time, another construct of 3rd dimensional reality, you would be able to note that all things are all, at one time in one Existence. Because of your limitations you are unaware that Universes/Dimensions are in constant Creation/Alchemy/Manifestation Phenomenon. To make it a little more palatable for you, we speak of time as you measure it. In due course, you will come to understand that there is no limit to energetic frequency, therefore, it is total Existence. It is The All In All.

Manifestation Phenomenon is that which you see or cannot see before you. It contains all that was/is Created through the Alchemical process. It creates the Trinity, as some may call it. It is unique, yet dependent on that which proceeded it. That is, without Creation, and without Alchemy, Manifestation Phenomenon could not take place. That is why some dimensional/universal aspects are still developing/evolving while others are fully formed. 

Do not become confused in this analysis of the Trinity. As you are aware there is another Aspectual construct of The All In All, called Opportunity. Opportunity is the hidden dynamic of Manifestation Phenomenon. It is also the hidden dynamic of Creational Intent and Alchemical Manipulation. It is that which is extended from The All In All into all of its aspectual constructs. It is here where so-called Life, Death and change take place.

In the workings of the Trinity, Opportunity is empowered to comply, resist or divert from its intended purpose in all aspects. In other words, it is a hidden dynamic within Creation & Alchemy as well as Manifestation Phenomenon. It is influenced by intent and manipulation but can also choose to circumvent intent as it so desires. Here you find the concepts about Free Will. It is available to all constructs and sub-constructs of The All In All.

For example, say that you wish to build a line of cars. You have your ideas and plans neatly laid out. You have your workers all ready to deploy, you have your materials, workshops and stations. You are ready to Manifest your product, yet something goes wrong. Your plans are confused, your workers do not arrive to do their perspective jobs and the materials have either not arrived or malfunction upon arrival. This is a simplistic picture of how Opportunity can sabotage your finest intentions. We will get to this in our next Chapter.

Q. Where does Manifestation Phenomenon take place?

A. Manifestation Phenomenon takes place in all realities, Universes and dimensions. Whether it is perceived by your senses it is nonetheless real. You are surrounded, particularly in your 3rd dimension by many, many products or representatives of Manifestation Phenomenon. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the material you use in your daily life, the planet you live on, the solar system you live in, the Universe as you know it, is all Manifestation Phenomenon. You chose to see these things as Creation, yet they are an aspect of Creation but not totally creation, because Creation is incomplete without its consorts. You admire God in your religious rituals through these outward, perceivable Creations but you fail to realize that these things are merely expression of The All In All as it gives/gave Opportunity for these things to Manifest throughout your known world. In other words, you humans deify the Creation as you perceive it, without understanding the interaction and interrelationship between Creation/Alchemy/Manifestation Phenomenon.

Phenomenon is a term we used to help you perceive that you are in awe of a Phenomenon, not The All In All that is beyond it. You create rituals and spiritual/sacred places in your world to help you identify with the Phenomenon, but you fall short of understanding that the phenomenon in Nature, including yourself, is a product of a Trinity of energetic Entities, interrelating, co-relating and interacting to bring about a desired outcome.

Additionally, Creation is in all things that it Created. In other words, what you perceive is Creation but not in totality. Creation was given the Opportunity to place itself in all things, that is; it was given dominion over all that it Created. But you must remember that Creation is ideas, thoughts, dreams, imaginings, etc. It is not physical in nature but holds the potential to Physical Manifest or not according to its desire to work in tandem with Alchemy and Manifestation Phenomenon. Creation is energetic frequency, yet it must enlist the cooperation of Alchemy and Manifestation Phenomenon in order for any of its Creations to become manifest in any type of form, physical or non-physical. Therefore, you limit yourself in your perception of your reality if you merely focus on what you can physically perceive.

In conclusion of this lesson on the Trinity of Creation/Alchemy/Manifestation Phenomenon, know that Creation continues its existence through all that it has created. Here is where the idea of dominion, colonization, inhabitations, etc. exists. Creation imbues all that it is with the idea of who/what it is, therefore, Creation exists throughout eternity. It is that part of the psyche of every atom, cell, molecule or ethereal entity that it had the mind to conceive. These are the "stuff" of Creation and are imprinted with its originator, Creation. In your terms you may refer to one of your laws of copyright. While a product may be manifested in your reality, it bares the signature of its Original Creator, therefore, each Creator God/Goddess is a unique aspectual construct of The All In All. Thus their creations are just as unique and bare their signature.

Alchemy can manipulate the "stuff" and Manifestation Phenomenon can bring to manifestation, but the end product will always bare the signature of its original Creator. Alchemy cannot digress from this Universal law, as it does not have the power to remove the imprint. Manifestation Phenomenon cannot do this as well as it cannot override the imprint of the Original Creation.

But as we mentioned before, there is the aspect of Opportunity. An equally independent aspectual reality of all three stages. In this vein, Opportunity provides diversity, but neither is it able to remove the original imprint of its Prime Creator.

Channeled Core Questions: The All In All

1. Part One The All In All
    a. Chapter 1, Creation
    b. Chapter 2, Alchemy
    c. Chapter 3, Manifestation
    d. Chapter 4, Opportunity
    e. Chapter 5, Conclusions

The All In All, Chapter 2, Alchemy

Channeled Core Questions, 12-18-2011

What is Alchemy?

  Q. When Creation returned what did it learn that it needed to go about its business of Creating.

A. It learned that it was indeed an aspectual energetic frequency of The All In All. It learned that while it was given the charge to go out and Create and bring all things back to The All In All, that there was an aspect of The All In All it had not come to know, therefore it was inhibited in its ability to Create. It learned that while it could occupy, inhabit, colonize and invade all of its Creations it could only do that after the Creations came into manifestation. It realized that it needed the key to manifestation. It realized that it was indeed an energetic frequency aspectual construct of The All In All, however it was not the only one. It realized that it would need another key to open the door to the manifestation phenomenon. It realized that it needed helpers.

Q. What did Creation come to realize that it needed?

A. It came to realize that it needed another Aspectual Construct that functioned quite differently than it did. Creation had learned to create "Stuff" but it had not learned how to put this "stuff" together. Creation realized that it needed another aspectual construct to assist it in the business of Creation. This Aspectual Construct is, what we call it in your terms, Alchemy.

Q. How is that possible that Alchemy exists outside of Creation?

A. Because Alchemy was not Created by Creation but is the aspectual construct of The All In All. And like it is such it can exist outside of Creation or the Creator Gods, as it were. Therefore, Alchemy is to The All In All in its individuation as Creation is to The All In All. They are equal yet separate entities or manifestations, or aspectual constructs of The All In All, and their function is very different. This could lead you to the understanding of the intrusive behavior of the "forces" or powers or controllers spoken of in your Ancient tablets and stories of the Gods/Goddesses. Since both aspects are incomplete outside of their Cosmic origins, they must and have assisted each other in the Manifestation Phenomenon.

Creation creates the "stuff". Alchemy puts the stuff together. Alchemy manipulates the "stuff" for the purpose of the Manifestation Phenomenon, another aspectual construct of The All In All. As you can see, this process has taken many millions of years, and what you see in your physical and non-physical reality is the Manifestation Phenomenon, the end product of Creation and Alchemy. A third yet equal part of the aspectual construct of The All In All.

Back to the image of a person wanting to create a line of cars. The individual has the idea, it is the role of the Alchemist to bring the idea together in a form comprehensible and usable. The Alchemist is the engineer who with its diagrams, can clearly demonstrate where each and every idea, imagining, thoughts and dreams come together for creation. The Alchemist is not the Originator but is the Active participant, the planner, the manipulator, the hidden intelligence behind all that is perceived in Creation. Over time, the Creator Gods/Creation and the Alchemists began to discuss, then conflict over who/what was more powerful. The stuff of creation or the bringing of this "stuff" to manifestation. Indeed they both missed the final step of all and that is the Manifestation Phenomenon.

This conflict can also be seen in the many Ancient tablets, lore, myth and legends of humanity on this planet and throughout the Cosmos. The All In All, being a passive observer of this, merely observed its own aspects interact with each other as they performed their prescribe duties. In some Ancient texts, it can be seen how they came to be frustrated in their attempt to get The All In All to support their position in the scheme of things. Like children fighting in the playground, The All In All observed its own aspectual constructs maneuvering through the nuances they each have been given to perform. The All In All is neither positive or negative and does not partner with one against the other, since all is an aspectual construct of itself.

Q. If there is no negative or positive then how is it that there are forces that appear out of harmony?

A. Out of harmony is another distortion. Harmony and lack of harmony are equal manifestations of distortion. Distortion is simply a nuance of Manifestation Phenomenon. Distortions towards either extreme is incongruent, while they each have opportunity to present in the manner so chosen or prescribe. In other words all in Creation has opportunity. Opportunity is an aspect of Manifestation Phenomenon. Opportunity is more closely related to the initial presentment of The All In All in that Opportunity expresses the essential nature of The All In All in its expressions, that is "choice". Opportunity is the hidden dynamic behind all Manifestation Phenomenon.

It is independent of Manifestation Phenomenon while being duly inscribed with it. Therefore, The All In All, in its essence provides opportunity to all that extends from it; allowing whatever that extends, the opportunity to present itself along with the Planners/Creators/Manifestation Phenomenon in a wide spectrum of outcomes. This concept, will become clearer as we explore Manifestation Phenomenon in our next Chapter.

Many times in your 3rd dimensional physicality, you are tempted to see good and evil, right and wrong in the Manifestation Phenomenon. Because of your inability to see the hidden hand of Opportunity you are bound to the belief that if a situation should occur, that is not appealing to your limited senses, it must therefore be evil or bad. You do not understand that good and bad are relative constructs of a societal norms and traditions. That what may appear bad in one system of traditions and societal norms, may be perfectly acceptable in another. You are subject to this due to the polarization which is indicative of 3rd dimensional reality.

The All In All is neither negative or positive. It is all and in all yet it is beyond its Creation, Alchemist and Manifestation Phenomenon. It simply is. You may wish to call it Light, yet it is just as much Light as it is Darkness. Due to your fear of the unknown, humanity fears darkness. Yet if there were no setting of the sun your world would surely change as you know it. Sunset and Sunrise are equal partners and collaborators in their work as the sum total you call Sun. An infant lives in relative darkness during gestation, but none would call this relative darkness evil.

Channeled Core Questions: The All In All

1. Part One The All In All
    a. Chapter 1, Creation
    b. Chapter 2, Alchemy
    c. Chapter 3, Manifestation
    d. Chapter 4, Opportunity
    e. Chapter 5, Conclusions

The All In All, Chapter 1 Creation

Channeled Core Questions

What is Creation?


Q. What is Creation?

A. Creation is the Great Colonizer. Since Creation is in everything, and everything is Creation, then Creation is the inhabitor, the colonizer, the invader, the occupier.

Q. How is that? Please explain.

A. In your terms these identifiers appear destructive and inhibiting. Your reality has barely seen the advancement of this phenomenon in a positive light. Therefore these terms are counterproductive to you in your reality. However, the essence of these terms fully describes the function of Creation, Creation being and extension/aspect of the All In All Creator/Creatrix. We use these terms for your understanding but these terms are vastly limited in scope and barely identify the All In All. We prefer All In All, Higher than All Forms terminology for better understanding and purpose of consolidation of these ideas into your mental construct. Hence the All In All is present in All things, however it is subjective and does not particularly participate in Creational Aspect, duplication and manifestation of All Things.

Q. Please explain.

A. For most of you in human physical form, Creation is limited to what you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste, yet you do not realize that even in these senses that there are many more dimensional realities that present themselves, even through these senses. As it were, The All In All, need not manifest as anything that can be perceived by your five senses. In fact, it is just as Powerful in the Unknowable as it is in the Knowable. Therefore, you who may attempt to know the All In All; may attempt to examine it from its Creation, thus saying you know it, yet its Creations are individuated aspects of it and not it in totality. Many of you use the argument of what you see around you in Nature as proof that there is a so-called Supreme being but few of you, realize that what you see is only a minuscule example of The All In All.

Stopping and attempting to prove its existence through what you can see diminishes your ability to comprehend it in totality, although we understand that knowing it in its totality is a feat that may take millions upon million of years. For to know its totally, you must know all that it is, and to know all that it is would be to know all that it has Created throughout the many physical universes as well as the non-physical universes. This can barely be knowable in a 3rd dimensional reality that is locked into physicality as you are on this planet.

Q. So, explain what is Creation.

A. Creation is an aspect of The All In All. It is the active aspect of The All In All. Its asked to go out and Create. And with this command, it did so. Since Creation is a vital aspect of The All In All, its duties are to present to The All In All all that it could imagine. Imagining many worlds seen and unseen it was given the auspices of these worlds, as it were, dominion of all that it Created. Creation was then empowered to duplicate itself into many forms, seen and unseen, but knew that all it Created was seen and knowable to The All In All. In its role as Creator it was given the power to place itself within all that it Created. With this power it was told to go out and Create and bring all that it Created back to The All In All.

Q. Did Creation Create physicality?

A. Yes and no. Creation created the seen and unseen universes or worlds or dimensions. It experimented with these ideas, imaginings and possibilities but it found that it was having difficulty projecting its ideas, imaginings and possibilities throughout all that it could envision.

Q. Why would it experience this difficulty?

A. Being only an aspect of The All In All, it was incomplete. It was this imperfection that kept it unable to Create as it had imagined or dreamed it could Create. Thus Creation was faced with the timeless lesson of learning how to bring its Creations into fruition. It knew that it was given the ability to inhabit, invade, colonize and/or occupy all that it Created but with no Creation it was struck to learn how to manifest the phenomenon of Creation, that is, how to Create. Creation is an idea, as is anything that comes to mind. Creation is thought, but without a vehicle of manifestation it had to go back and inquire from The All In All what was the next step. The All In All did make many Creators. You may term them Creator Gods if you wish. In essence they are Creator aspects of The All In All.

Imagine if you will that you are given the responsibility to Create a line of cars. Without an engineer, equipment, materials and human resources, this would be an impossible feat. You may be able to find some materials and put them together, but it would take quite a long time to create even one car, let alone, many. Creation was struck with this reality, so upon its return to The All In All, it awaited further instructions.

As you can see from this very limited example, that Creation was incomplete, and while it was given dominion over all that it created, with no Creation before it, it simply was of existence. This process took many millions upon millions of years to complete. Creation began in its own journey towards manifestation upon returning to The All In All. Creation began to imagine what it would need to fulfill its task and bring its product back to The All In All. Creation realized that it needed material before it could have Creation. But where would this material come from? Since The All In All is in all that is, it occurred to Creation to inquire about the acquisition of material, seen and unseen, so that it could go about its work of Creation. In consultation with The All In All, Creation was told that the material was in its imaginings, its dreams, its ideas. But how was Creation to bring these things into Creation?

Many more millions of years transpired before Creation realized that The All In All had another aspect. That aspect was material. In your terms, this material is the "stuff" of ideas, thoughts, imaginings and dreams. This "stuff" was accessible to Creation but it had not realized itself. This "stuff" of ideas, thoughts, imaginings and dreams was the material that Creation needed. Creation realized that the ideas, imaginings, thoughts and dreams were projections, material into the Great Cosmic Colony of "Stuff" and that Creation had to find a way to bring this "stuff" together and then take it back to The All In All.

With each advancement, Creation moved and expanded into many dimensional realities Created by itself. It began to see how the "stuff" was all around it and that it could now go about the business of Creating. However, it still did not manifest. It needed something else to bring about manifestation. Meanwhile, there were other Creations, all coming along simultaneously. Developing in awareness of itself and its relationship to The All In All, and discovering how to manifest its Creation into existence. So, as we speak of one Creation, we are also speaking of the many Creations that were given the same charge. "Go out and Create and bring all things back to ME. You will have dominion over all that you create and you will inhabit all of your Creations. You will have the ability to Create in whatever manner you chose, in all manner that you chose in all realms that you chose."

Q. So what did Creation need to manifest the stuff of its dreams, imaginings, ideas and thoughts?

A. Creation need another aspect of The All In All. In your terms we call that aspect "Alchemy". Alchemy is the mixing and mingling of the "stuff" of Creation to bring about the manifestation of the Creation Phenomenon. But before it could do that, it had to know intrinsically what "stuff" it had Created. It had to know the nature of that "stuff" before it could manipulate it. So, it went back, once again, toThe All In All, and asked, "what is the nature of the "stuff" that I Created? How do I gain access to the qualities of this "stuff" so I can learn to manipulate it?

The All In All responded by saying, "All that you Created as the "Stuff" of your creations is within you and within ME. It is the energetic frequency of all that is. It is seen and unseen, known and unknown, heard and unheard, felt and unfelt. It is The All In All. It is an aspectual expression of ME; as you are."

Creation is puzzled by this response as is the many other Creator Gods who had traversed the eons in search of this one answer. They all knew they were Creators, but did not have the keys to Creation, therefore were unable to inhabit their Creations.

The All In All responded, "While you are an aspect of me, the energetic frequency is also an aspect of me. In order to know how to manipulate this you must know ME and your connection to ME. You have spent much time determining you, as an aspect of me, but you have not discovered that there are many other aspects of me, you have yet to realize. In fact, because you have not done so, you do not realize that you too, are an energetic frequency aspectual quality of ME. Therefore, you must meet that aspect of me, that is you and learn to manipulate that." Needless to say, many millions of more years passed and again they return to The All In All.

Channeled Core Questions: The All In All

1. Part One The All In All
    a. Chapter 1, Creation
    b. Chapter 2, Alchemy
    c. Chapter 3, Manifestation
    d. Chapter 4, Opportunity
    e. Chapter 5, Conclusions

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Riley Martin & The Coming Of Tan

Riley Martin, Contactee
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From a sharecropper kid to a mothership near Saturn Riley L. Martin was born May 9, 1946, in Mississippi to a family of sharecroppers of African American and Native American descent. This story starts one night when Riley was seven years old... he saw a strange light out by the river, he tried to wake up his brothers and not one of them would wake from their sleep. The next night the lights were brighter and little Riley was more excited and this time he tried to wake up everyone in the house including his parents. Then on the third night when the lights appeared again he didn't attempt to wake his family... he took his trusted dog Brownboy and they went to the river to investigate.

O Qua Tngin Wann, The Biavian

That fateful night; two aliens took little Riley on his first trip to their mothership near Saturn. Riley's second trip was when he was 18. It was on this trip that they placed a strange looking headset on him... then in a matter of seconds download into his brain... 144,000 different symbols...then while Riley slept they downloaded the history of humanity, alien insights, and a whole lot more. Riley made friends with this little alien he calls Tan. O-Qua Tangin Wann.

While driving on Interstate 40
December of 1987. Riley Martin saw a formation of alien spacecrafts in broad day light. With a Polaroid camera... he snapped the remaining 4 photographs of these UFO's in his camera.

Here are Riley Polaroids you can see them all the way to the edge of the image... if photos are ever proof of a real visitation... let them be Polaroids. These alien spacecraft came to Earth to visit Riley Martin.

Riley describes seven types of extraterrestrial’s who reside in a mothership near Saturn:
The Biaviians, the aliens who have had the most interaction with Martin
The Targzissians, who are malevolent reptilians
The Stagyians, who have a bony, leathery appearance
The Dorians, who resemble blonde-haired, blue-eyed humans 
The Insectillians (aka the Skreed), who are "smart bugs" five feet tall
The Nyptonians, who are "water people" with "underwater bases" on Earth
A seventh race of aliens whose name Martin can't pronounce.

Symbol Gallery


The circular symbol configurations, are not of this Earth.
They are all of Extraterrestrial origins. And to my knowledge, I am the only human being who knows the meanings of them all. During my nine day visit with the Biaviians aboard the great mothership in 1975, the alien Tan fitted me with a kind of virtual reality headset. And through a visual strobe-light, like burst, 144,000 different symbol configurations were downloaded into my mind's Neuro-Syntaxes. The duration of that light burst was approximately twelve seconds. I am now in the process of setting these symbols to visual representation on paper.

Eventually these symbols will be distributed to 144,000 heads of families and their loved ones, who will comprise the potential wayfarers of the future airlift of travelers from the Earth unto a distant beautiful, un-polluted planet. Let me inform the reader that, one does not have to possess a symbol in order to become a potential wayfarer. However, possession of a symbol assures that the bearer will definitely be considered.

It would not be possible to explain the meanings of all of the symbols in a single book. Nonetheless I will give you in brief, a rudimentary synopsis of a general scope of the symbols' meanings.

The symbols will be granted unto potential wayfarers without regard to race, religion, age or sex. The price of the symbols must be geared to the receiver's material fortunes and ability to purchase it. The symbols are not meant for only the wealthy, but for all decent spirits.

Select a Biaviian Symbol from this book or request that I select one for you from the remaining 144,000. You will receive the original full color Biaviian Symbol along with a personal hand written note from the gift that was transferred to me by Tan on the mother ship in 1975.

In as much as an intelligent high-tech life form can possess positive elements, the symbols are positive. The symbol (s) will automatically tone the positive vibrations of the bearer's home; help to expel negative forces, illness, and misfortune. The symbol attracts prosperity, love and mystic-comprehension. The symbol protects the loved ones of the bearer also.

Although it is possible, the symbols won't usually draw Biaviians to your home in the physical. However, the bearer will probably experience some incidents of kinetic or seemingly paranormal occurrences near them, as the symbol realigns the vibrations, and the aliens scan their homes to access their potential wayfarer status. Do not be alarmed.

Finally, you may consider the original symbol a ticket to the stars, if you so desire to utilize it when the time comes. You will not be compelled to go if you don't want to. The owner of that symbol can reproduce it for their own use only, such as broach, ring, buckle, T-shirt, or framing for each room. However, if the symbol is sold or given to another, the power diminishes. And the original bearer no longer holds the right of wayfarer status. If the symbol is stolen, the thief is in trouble and the owner is not held to blame. If the owner deliberately parts with the symbol, and the receiver uses the force in a negative manner, the original owner is also subject to the elemental reaction of those negative actions. Most people can own as many as seven personal symbols. One can and should be purchased for each family member whenever possible. When all of the symbols are distributed, there can be no more.

Time is of the essence.




I met Riley Martin in 1995 or there abouts. I purchased his book and also received a symbol at that time. The book was riveting and some 16 years later I am still moved and deeply touched by what is written here. I consider myself a Contactee. My contacts have been primarily in out of body experiences and dreams. Looking at my dream history this has been happening to me since early childhood. When I met Riley it seemed to put it together for me and has been growing in intensity ever since.

I have always felt like a stranger on a strange planet. Though I find Earth particularly beautiful, I do not feel a strong tie to it, except to see it as part of Universal Creation, as it were. When I read Riley's book I felt an inner knowing and yearning for this place, Biaveh. I could see the fine details in expanded proportions as if they came to life off the page. Yes, I must admit I do have a vivid imagination, but it is the Divine Creator Self that imagined All That It Is, so my imagination is a portion of that expression.

After quite some time, and many earthly distractions, I was blessed with my own personal apparition. I had been seeing and visiting Tan regularly on a monthly basis in my dreams and out of body experience. I also am very keen of his presence or energies in waking life. But I was quite taken by an apparition from Tan during waking life and explain that in my other post. http://spiritualjourneyings.blogspot.com/2011/11/o-qua-tangin-wans-earthly-visit.html

I have a catalogue of the dreams and OBE's with Tan, Nela, Mr. Smith and Seth, along with many other experiences with others on board the mothership. These experiences started in earnest around Jan., 2010.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Akashic Records on Prayer

Channeler: Jen Eramith MA
Tuesday, 5 January, 2010  (posted 10 January, 2010)

Are there best ways to pray or to send healing?
If I want to send healing light to someone in my morning meditation, I see her surrounded in light and I hold her in light and love.
Is there a period of time that it is best to hold light in this way?
Does 15 minutes worth of holding count more than five seconds?
Is it more like a difference in quality rather than a difference of time or quantity?

There are some guidelines for making prayer and sending healing light more efficient or more effective.  Those guidelines are pretty loose.  They can be applied in really broad ways because there really is no single best way to send healing energy.  It depends on who you are, it depends on the nature of the situation and it depends on the people that you are working with.  The first answer is that there is no single best way.  In general, the best thing you can do when you are working with meditation, healing, prayer or sending light in any form, the best thing you can do is listen to yourself.  Bring a sense of curiosity to the process; be willing to see whatever comes up for you.  Whatever it is, continue to infuse it with light.  Whether it is your own self-doubt or whether it is the question of if you have been doing it long enough to be effective.  Simply infuse that question with light and then use that curiosity to see what you see.  You may see that there is still a shadow, so continue to infuse the light.  You may see that everything around you is clear and white at that point and you know that you are finished.  While most of you did not grow up learning the skill of seeing Spirit and seeing Light clearly, all of you are capable of reclaiming that skill and developing it anew.  The single most valuable tool in developing it is curiosity.  Curiosity founded on a sense that you are good, a sense that all is well in the universe and a sense that you are filled with love and that love is infinite.  As long as you rest on that sense, then employ curiosity to see what you see.
Then in that seeing, the best way to determine the timing for sending healing as far as whether or not your transmission has completed, is if you are centered in that light and you are centered in your meditation, then you have felt some kind of shift in your own energy.  This is part of the process, part of what makes prayer and healing efficient is that you are not just having a passing thought, but you are taking the time needed and using the words or the images that can help you pull your own attention into a new vibration, into a meditative state.  This happens whether you are saying your morning prayers or whether you are sitting in a yoga class in a deep meditation.  The difference between a passing thought and a prayer is that you give enough time for yourself to enter into a new state of being.  The quieting of the mind, the relaxing of the body, the calming of your emotions, these shifts bring you into a state of prayer or a state of meditation.  And it is from that place that you can best transmit light.  In other words, you cannot send light if you are not sitting in the light yourself.  It is the very same law that tells you that you cannot truly love another anymore than you love yourself.  Your capacity for love initiates from your capacity for self-love.  For some of you, if you are having a rough day it may take many minutes or even hours to bring yourself to that place of quiet and acceptance.  For others of you on any other given day, it may be in just a flash of an instant that you enter that state of calm.  It depends on who you are, it depends on where you are in the practice and it depends on what is going on for you at the time you begin your practice.  Have patience, be curious.  This is the reason that so many spiritual paths or so many religions teach that it is incredibly valuable to choose a meditative or a prayer practice and to cultivate it, to stay with it, to actually practice it so that what  you cultivate for yourself is a bridge between any state of being and that centered meditative state.  If you have cultivated an ongoing meditation practice or prayer practice, then it is easier to walk across the bridge and more quickly tune into that state of being, the state of prayer.

Once you are there, as you are sending the light, you may find that within just a few seconds it is complete.  You feel that the light shifted, you do not see any shadow in your mind's eye and even if it was only five seconds, your transmission is complete.  At other times, it can be useful to hold it for a long period.  Ultimately, loving, healing light is infinite and it is timeless.  You can send it tomorrow, you can send it yesterday, you can send it right now and it will go to where it needs to go.  All of you are receiving blessings from your future selves and from your past selves.  All of the intentions you have set for yourself for the future are creating active blessings for yourself once you get there.  All of the ways you will look back on your life with forgiveness, acceptance and love for yourself are - in the future - are blessing you right now.  In a similar way, you can hold the light for a long time or for a short time and transmit the same amount of light.  It all depends on your state of being and it depends on the situation.  Again, the best thing you can do is be curious.  Just notice what you feel.  If you still feel some shadow there, continue to hold the light.  If you feel a sense of completion, move on.  Of course it will not always be clear to you.  That is another benefit of cultivating an ongoing meditation practice is you refine your ability to sense the light and therefore sense completion or sense remaining shadows that need further attention.

How valuable is it to have a candle burning and hold the light for a few seconds each time I pass by the candle?  

It is very valuable.  That is one of thousands of different forms of prayer.  What you might call this form of prayer, you are activating a symbol.  People may do this with crystals, other kinds of objects and they certainly do it with candles, you hold that thing in your hand or you light the candle, and as you light it or you hold it, you infuse it with the love and the light you wish to send so that it becomes actually like a magical talisman.  It becomes both a reminder to you of that intention which further attunes you to sending that light and it holds the potential for the light so that anything you do further with that object will be attenuated toward the light.  This is something you can do with everything.  You can do it with something you own, you can infuse or activate your entire home if you would like to.  This is what people do when they move into a new space and they bless the space.  This is what people do when they get a little plaque that says, "God bless this home."  They are actually creating a magical object that calls in the light.  But of course the calling in of the light only occurs as you continue to tune into the magic or the divine intention that you have infused into the object.

Is there a better time of day to send energy?

No.  It all depends on who you are and what is happening.

Is it best to just hold someone in the light or is it better to imagine actually connecting with their higher self and holding the light in that higher place?  

It is not better or worse, it is just different.  Both have a beneficial effect.  Ultimately, both are the same.  If you are sending light to an individual human, that light is transmitted through and to their higher self.  If you go up to the higher realms and you infuse the light toward their higher self, it shifts down to their human self.  It depends on the context.  When you have a lot of emotions invested in the situation, then it is best for you to shift into a meditative state; to shift into a higher dimension and to connect with their higher self from there because that is where you can be more clear.  Once you are in that higher meditative state, the dissonance or the interference from your own emotions or attachments to the situation are lessened and you can be a clearer channel for the light.  If you feel relatively calm and centered in regard to the situation, you can simply hold that light in your heart and your body.  You can simply transmit the light with the love in your heart human to human and it does the same thing.

Can it be as effective to do this work while walking on the beach or do we need to be sitting in a meditative frame of mind? 
Again, this depends on the situation.  The guideline is similar to the one above.  If you feel dissonance or distractions in regard to the situation, if you have personal attachments to the situation, then it is best to use a meditative activity.  For some of you, walking on the beach is a meditative activity.  It brings you into that meditative state.  For some of you, walking on the beach can cause a distraction.  That will be different depending on the days.  So that if every day you walk on the beach and find it to be very meditative, but today you walk on the beach and you find yourself distracted, then go home or go to a meditative center or go to a yoga class or go somewhere else to achieve that meditative state.  Somewhere that will not distract you.  If you usually can focus very well sitting in a meditative state, but today you feel distracted, try something new.  Try going to the beach.  The thing that makes a meditation effective, the thing that makes a prayer effective, is first and foremost, your ability to enter that state of freedom, of feeling a sense of love, a sense of well being and a sense of trust in the universe.  Whatever you need to do to achieve that is a meditative or prayerful practice.

Is it better to pray for each person individually one at a time, or can I put them all in a batch and see them together and hold the light for them all together?

Because the light is infinite and it is non-linear, you can hold the whole world in a batch together and it is just as effective as sending the light to a single person.  That being said, there is a benefit to drawing your attention to more singular units and that can be a single person or a single group.  When you are sending this healing light, we have said first and foremost you need to enter that state of self-love or that meditative prayerful state.  The second thing is, you need to have a heart connection in order to provide the channel from you to the other entity.  If you know whom you are praying for, then go ahead and pray for that one person.  It creates a resonance, a deepening of the channel if you have a more singular attachment.  The bottom line is sending healing light and sending love only works to the extent of the other person or the other entity is willing to receive it.

If someone's higher self needs to walk through shadow right now, you can send all the light you want and it will not be transmitted.  It will be held in reserve for them, it will be available for them, but they will not use it until they are ready.  They will not use it until they have gotten what they needed to get from the shadow experience they are going through.  You cannot force light on anyone.  Their higher self will not allow it.  If you have a limited amount of time or attention, but you wish to send a blessing to many, go ahead and send a blessing to many.  Trust that light will go to where it can best be used.  It can go to where it is most welcome and you do not need to take the time to figure out if it is making its way there or if it has hit the right target.  Spirit does that.  Spirit makes sure the light hits the right target.  It is fine to do it either way because ultimately the wisdom of the light determines where to go.  Because light is not held to time, even if you just send a quick prayer to 20 people in a moment, an equal amount of light can be transmitted as if you spent 20 minutes on each individual person.  The light is infinite; it is not linear.  Ultimately it does not matter.  The only thing that matters is your ability to be in that state of self-love and your heart connection; your true intention toward the recipients.

Is it useful to hold the light during the time that someone needs it?  For instance, if someone is taking an exam, is it good to sit for the person during the time of the exam holding the energy while they are taking the exam?

It is useful but not necessary.  As light moves across space, it can move from Los Angeles to Sidney Australia in an instant.  Light also moves across time.  It can move from your present moment to the future or to the past.  Ultimately it does not matter.  With that being said, as far as human practice goes, at a psychological level, it is useful for all of you to know when you are going through a hard time to be aware of the blessings that are being sent to you.  It can be heartening.  You may have an agreement to hold the space at the very time someone is taking an exam and that can help the person utilize the light that is being sent.  Ultimately, the light still comes whether you sent it before or after the exam.

The final thing the Keepers will tell you about prayer and healing is that all of you are made to do this.  Your bodies, your minds, your spirits, your hearts, they are all made to hold and transmit light.  It is what you do naturally.  The fact about prayer is that any time you are in a state of joy and self-love, you are in the state of prayer.  You are a living, walking, breathing prayer.  That is a reason some people, when they walk in the room, everything suddenly feels better, lighter, more joyful.  Because the person carries with her or him that resonance of prayer -- of love and light.  The only way they can do this is by having come to terms with themselves, come to accept themselves and love themselves enough that they are able to transmit love all around them.  The best thing you can do with your prayer or meditation practice is continue to find the insights you need to understand where you judge yourself, where you let yourself down, where you are critical of yourself and to continually let those things go.  Instead choosing all of the different states or ways of being, that facilitate your sense of love, forgiveness for your mistakes, joy in everything that you do.  That is a state of prayer and ultimately you are like a prayer machine.  Your natural state is to be in that state of prayer.  It may feel like you are fighting an uphill battle, you are actually moving back toward your natural state.  Let it be easy.  Employ a sense of curiosity and forgiveness and patience with yourself; let it be easy.  (Jan 2010)

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