Monday, October 17, 2011

Galactic Federation to the rescue?????? Sheldan Nidle


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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 7 Kan, 17 Tzotz, 8 

Manik Dratzo! We return! Your world is moving swiftly to a resolution of the struggle between our Earth allies and the dark cabal. At present, the Agarthans are assisting a number of your nations' military divisions to dismantle the vast global network of underground tunnels and bases occupied by the dark cabal since the early 1950s. It is from these bases that the dark had intended to launch the final assaults that were to turn your precious home into a horrendous prison planet presided over by the upper echelons of this cabal. We are pleased to report that this heinous goal has been torpedoed by these joint operations. What remains is to complete a few more sorties and a great many more arrests, leaving only the final acts of this triumphant enterprise to the secret, sacred societies that operate under the supervision of your Ascended Masters, and those nations and other groups that have joined in formal agreements with our Earth allies. These final acts are the legal investitures of many new caretaker governments as well as the disbursement of the prosperity programs.



The new financial system is in place and awaiting the formal surrender of this cabal. This will happen once the military and diplomatic maneuvers of our Earth allies are completed. All the while, the dark continues to search frantically for a way to escape its rapidly encroaching downfall. Its prime base of operations remains the U.S. Corporation, headquartered in Washington D.C., and we are in negotiations with several groups that wish to join us in taking down this illegal regime. Strategies are being applied, as we speak, to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, the old financial system continues to implode across the globe. Our heavenly advisors are presently reviewing a series of options that will allow us to increase our degree of intervention in your world affairs, thus enabling a swifter resolution to the goals described above. With the dark cabal still on the loose, we are ever mindful of possible harm coming to you. Every one of you is precious and cannot be interfered with unless your heavenly guardians approve such changes in your life contract.

As we await our new instructions, we watch our Agarthan cousins set the stage for disclosure. Every day, new groups of nations join the movement to defeat the US Federal Reserve and its ally, the dark secret government. Together, these two organizations have run roughshod over your world for the past few decades. This is now to cease, and the takedown of the Federal Reserve is imminent. The recent deterioration of the global economy is due in large part to the actions of the Federal Reserve and its myriad financial allies; a rebellion, both public and private, is squeezing the last resources available to it. As this institution wanes in influence, a new financial system starts to come online. This new system has already charged most banks to adopt the so-called Basel III rules on transparency and is beginning to redirect the way funds are transferred from bank to bank. The next step is to remove the Federal Reserve dollar from its pre-eminent position.
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Nana's Comments:

Sometimes, I rant in the Spirtuality Blog too!!!!!

Hello everyone out there, but is it me, or does this sound like NWO mumbo jumbo??? Okay, let me put it another way.. who are the ones to be en stalled after the cabal leaders resign? Do we get to choose our new leaders or witll they be installed. This don't sound too different from what is already going on. And what branch of the military is taking down underground bases? Wouldn't that be called a coup?? And after the arrests are made, where are they taking these folks, and who will try them, and by what jury??? And what kind of monetary system is going to work for everyone?

Also sounds like NWO. How equinimity be considered if some folks thing they need a whole lot and other folks are cool with just a little. There are people on this planet who have never seen an airplane, What and who will determine what they need, short of an invasion??? Every body wants the "darkforces" to meet their end, but if all is one, aren't we as much a part of the Dark Force?? What if the person arrested is your husband, son, daughter or wife... and you never knew. Who is going to assist you and support you through the trauma?? And since every body on the planet ain't gettin this message, what about those folks in the Appalachia mountains, or deep in the woods of Mississippi? How does this work out for everyone, on the whole planet??

It sounds like an invasion and a take over of forces we have not asked to take over us and manipulate our lives. It sounds like more of the same to me because no where in this report does it even say, we will ask you all what you want, and how you want to see this New World set up. It is dangling a carrot and making many promises. Any off world entity worth its salt would not approach the military or major government heads, especially if they know they are corrupt. If they do, then they are in the position of threatening them to resign, how does that sound? Like a coup.

Why would they make deals with these people when they are sticking it to the masses 24/7? Our Earth Allies??? But who are the ones speaking to these allies and how do these representatives represent everyone on earth? This sounds really fishy to me. I believe that Sheldan has good intentions, but he may be a bit misguided if he cannot see that this is a serious problem and a coup d'├ętat. Are people so desperate for change that they will accept this and not question the methodology??

It don't sound too cool to me.