Monday, September 5, 2016

Proof on who made crop circles! (Video)

NB CommentaryNice video, I really liked the perspective given in this video about who makes crop circles..
I think that thoughts are things, we creat every day in our lives, from making a meal to creating chaotic drama. Some of us are mediums, some of us are clairvoyant, and some of us are even telepathic. As a Psychic Medium myself, I can definitely subscribe to the notion that "precognition" can occur as thoughts travel throughout the Universe and can be picked up and actualized.
I once gave a class on this very notion. It came about when someone said that someone else "stole" their idea. I explained that while we may "think" that our thoughts are "private" they travel throughout the Universe and can be transcribed or manifested by another, someone who has the wherewithal to put "action" behind the thought.

I believe that the Universe was created from the "Thought and/or Word" from source, therefore all else manifests as phenomenon as well.
Western civilization dissects, and analyzes separating thoughts from things, when in fact they are things and those things can be acted upon.
So, let's say, that the mind is the conduit for the "idea" of the crop circle. The mind of the "actor" can project and manifest the circle in the physical world. The actor can be from this world or another.
I am sure that there are those who, with an interest in crop circles, and who are dreamers, have seen them in their dreams, but not have the wherewithal to locate and report the circles they've seen in the dream state.

To me, we are all part of a great Cosmic pool. Some of us put our toe in and others go for the deep swim. Namaste, NABA 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts are things. Many times we are ignorant of what we create with our thoughts. Thoughts are vibrations on another dimensional plane. We need the skills to bring that vibration into physicality. That is the real work.

Ever wonder why it is so easy to manifest things we "don't want"? Well, if we look at our thoughts surrounding those things and the emotional attachment and/or passion we connect to those things it makes it more easy to see.

We live in a very toxic world, that has nurtured pain and suffering lack and disease for many many years. These too are vibrations that surround us. So though we may envision something that we want to happen, we seldom realize that we have to create a vortex, a channel an avenue for that thing or things to bypass the vibratory entities/energies that are blocking our success.

We also must know how to go deeply into positive thought forms, bring them deeply into our physical being, every cell and every aspect, and then command the manifestation. Bring thought forms into our physical being causes a magnetic reaction of attraction, that is, we begin to attract what we think of, pro or con. Too often we are left with just a vision, or just the belief, but the interim step of "Action-Manifestation" is the Alchemy of true Creation.

We have to release the idea that we are victims and subject to the false reality of scarity and lack. So, to see it, we need to open that vortex within our mind/ego and direct positive thought forms into our physicality, having the trust/faith that we are capable and then commanding the manifestation of Phenomenon.

We must also remember the circle of life and be clear that we aim to be of service to others in a righteous way.. so that while we may bring these things into being, we do no harm to others. There is so much more to say on this topic, but thanks for reading this.

Making That Change - A Recipe for Growth

Change is not always something that can be easily entered upon, Habits are deep rooted expressions of our relationship to our world. They are often automatic, taking and needing little or not thought. Trite as it may appear, these habits are a funtion of our every day life.  They add meaning to what we perceive as purpose and totality. I do not claim to present a formula but merely a perspective on an approach to change and an effective adaptation to it, after we have made the effort.

To begin, we realize that we may need to begin or end a pattern of behavior. We are given a step by step procedure for change that represents a recipe of sorts. Often well wishers will give us in brief a formula, twelve steps, ten steps, three ways and the like. After reading/hearing such a formula we are left with the awesome task of application. We need skills. The skills of rationalization and patience. We need the ability to process and absorb what has been placed before us. In essence, we need the common sense stuff that makes what we were just told, shown or directed to do make sense. We need the ability to read. Inherently reading is not always done through the absorption of words on a page. We also need to read the unseen and feel the intangibles that affect and permeate that page of life that holds this formula for change.

Next, we need the ingredients. These ingredients represent our inner wherewithal and resources. The stuff we are made of. The main ingredient is a willingness to change coupled with an inherent awareness of its need. We need availability and access to these ingredients that come from the innermost depths of our soul..

Next, we need the utensils or tools, those external resources that are tempered by our sheer will to do what we need to do at all costs. Here we are talking about physical strength and courage. The ability to do what we must do to make these changes. Once the intellect has made this choice towards change the physical and emotive forces of the being must be mobilized to move ahead. If we are overwhelmed, depressed or exhausted we are weakened and thus unable to move forward. We may find ourselves day dreaming about what we wish to do, yet never doing it.

Now that we have done our reading, pooled our resources and accessed our skills we have in essence developed/created the batter, that matter that makes or represents change. We need only to internalize it. We place our mixed and formulated ingredients into the oven or dark recesses of our being where it goes through a chemical change. This change is not physically apparent and is spiritually invisible to the naked eye. The signs of change present themselves as we smell/ feel the inner workings of what is to be manifestated. There is a stirring or movement of the unknown.

At this crucial moment we may succumb to self doubt or sabotage the process by opening the oven door too soon. Opening the door we allow altercations or opposing ideas or threats to hinder, alter or destroy our product. Often fear of the outcome would have us to interfere, abort or deter ourselves from our goal or simply abandon the process altogether. We may engage this process several times in an attempt to change the exact same expression of ourselves. Feeling an urgency we may become redundant and repetitive in our attempts. If we surpass all of these challenges we may become ridden distrustful of how this new expression of the self will be perceived by the outside world, colleagues, friends, loved ones, etc. This point is critical because we do wish to be accepted as we offer our newly evolved self to our outside world.

We may even peep in ever so often to check on our own progress and make a report to any who would listen. We need reassurance that we have done the right thing. But nature has its own way of assisting the creative process. Even what we may anticipate as the final product may barely smack of what we have expected. We then become uncertain of our own ability to handle our new and changed selves, our finished product.

But who is the final judge? Who is the omniscient power source that determines the success or failure of our movement towards change? Who gives the license and the decree that all is well? If we align ourselves with our own creative process accepting our own creative choices and expressions, our own contradictions, then we in fact fear no judge but merely allow ourselves the ultimate joy of exhilarating revolution. We are free to mingle and delight in our own design of ourselves and remain at peace. Constructed in the sense of our own image we cater to our own inner pattern and demonstrate our own power. We are changed, altered, released and enjoined to continue on our own trek of spatial freedom and wisdom. We emerge fully contrived and redeemed. We are another expression of our selves never faulted or denied. We are tempered and secure in that which we have patterned for our own behavior. We are manifesting our own creative process for change and evolution. We are total and yet unloaded. Encouraged we move forward toward our next enhancement of the self.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today, I was extremely sleepy and so I took a very long nap in the middle of the afternoon. While sleeping it seemed I was getting information about the topic "Thoughts Are Things" but when I finally woke up, I could only remember a stream or two from the dream. I decided to approach getting more details by constructing a set of questions and allowing my inner voice to fill in the blanks for me.

Thoughts are things:
In the Divine Frequency of Love and Light, we extend these questions in a humble ritual of seeking further knowledge, wisdom and clarity. We are grateful for your responses in advance, we thank you. We are certain that we will receive what is needed for us to receive in this time/space reality.

Q. Imagine: Thoughts are things. What does that mean?
A. Everything that is seen or unseen, heard and unheard, felt and unfelt is a manifestation of THOUGHT. Simply put, the things that you manipulate in your world, all began with a thought, a vision, an image in the ethereal world or the ethereal dimension that surrounds your world, your reality. If you approach the THINGS that you utilize each day, from the tiniest to the largest and remind yourself, that it came to some entity in the form of a thought, picture or image, that was later made to manifest in 3d creation it will help to see how THOUGHTS become THINGS.

Now if you can extend that process to the Creation of the Universe, then you will be more able to see how the Universe started off as thought and then that thought became manifest in all of Creation.

Human beings on this planet limit themselves in the sight of Infinite Creation by becoming overwhelmed by its magnitude. However, if they would simply realize their own magnificence in the Creation it would be much easier for them to fathom their relationship with Infinite Creation, that began with THOUGHT.

Q. Does it mean they are tangible things that we can see, touch, taste and smell?
A. Yes, they are all of these things and much more. Why do we say much more? Because in your reality, there is much more that is unseen than is seen due the the frequency of the 3 density/frequency reality. Cultivation of SIGHT in the 3rd density/frequency requires time spent seeing past the physical reality.

Q. How do you spend time seeing past the physical reality?
A. In the realization that all is consciousness, you will begin to approach all that you see as a manifestation of consciousness. Consciousness is not tangible in 3rd density reality. It is like the wind, the air, space. However, in 5th density and beyond the consciousness can be manipulated by thought and moved through stages of density from the concrete to the penetrable.

Q. Does it mean they are things that we can mold and shape to do our bidding?
A. It means that if you penetrate the consciousness of a thing, then you can move that thing, mold it or shape it. It will not do your bidding without being united with you in your consciousness and then asked to achieve a certain outcome. This is not to say, that this manipulation cannot be done without the assistance of that which is being manipulated, it is just to say, it is a violation of the consciousness of the other, to manipulate it without permission. Example: you may want to move all of the furniture out of your house and take it to another house. If you ask the house you are removing the furniture from, if you ask the furniture that you are removing and then ask the new location to receive this shipment of furniture, you are in alignment with the consciousness of both houses and the furniture. If you do not, then you are out of alignment and various so-called mishaps may occur along the way. I.E. things may break, be lost, flat tire (of course you must ask the vehicle to cooperate with the move as well), etc. Many of you just assume that when these things happens it is because of carelessness or some various other reasons. However, if you take the time to acknowledge the consciousness of all you interact with, you may find some amazing results happening. The act of being conscious and sharing consciousness with the instruments in your world, will heighten your ability to manipulate these instruments provided you have made contact. How often, out of utter frustration, you start to talk to the instrument invoking its cooperation???

Q. Does it mean that they are the masters or we are the Creators?
A. Thoughts and things cooperate and manifest creations, or phenomenon or as some may say, miracles. Miracles happen because their is no separation between thoughts and things, neither is Master or Creator without the other.

Q. Where are these thoughts?
A. Thoughts are in the same place where things are. All thoughts are things all things are thoughts. So, you can see this further if you begin to see the "things" around you as "thoughts". Thoughts + Things = Creations. Some Creations manifest in physicality others are non-physical. Example: the inventor or Magician as it were, or Creator may have had many thoughts about many things that they wanted to bring to physicality or instrumentation but did not. 3rd density reality, would assume that those thoughts/things no longer exist because there is no physical manifestation of them. However, since thoughts/things are limitless they can be perceived by another Magician/Creator who may then be able to manifest them in 3d physicality. This is the significator of 3d physicality. Thus the saying, "There is nothing new under the sun."

impactful throughout person's life in 3rd density physicality.

Dreams come from the realm of 4th & 5th density. Dreams can be manipulated in these densities if the dreamer makes intention to do so. This intention puts the dreamer in alignment with 4th-5th densities allowing the dreamer the ability to manipulate the unseen in 4th-5th density. Imagine, if you will, that a child can only perceive things from a certain perspective, that being thru the eyes of a child. Once the child becomes an adult, they are able to see beyond the child's perspective and are able to manipulate the reality around the child, making the child think that the adult is "magical" when in fact, it is just that the child was not able to see what the adult could. The same thing applies to 3rd density reality, it cannot perceive what is happening in 4th-5th density reality, therefore, it will deny its existence, ignore it, etc. until such time as a nightmare awakens the individual and changes its life forever.

Q. Do they live in the ether or just in our heads?
A. They live/exist everywhere. Ether is a term you use to explain the unseen. The unseen is only unseen due to your perspective and density. Beyond 3rd density physicality, many things are seen. Some of you speak of seeing auras, ghosts, ufo's, deceased relatives, etc. While these entities can not be physically perceived in 3rd density, they are perceived by the higher densities and can also be manipulated from the higher density realms. If you imagine that you are surrounded by things/thoughts by the instruments in your 3rd density vision, taken a step further, you are surrounded by things/thoughts that have no beginning and no end, they are infinite.

Q. What is that place in the brain that holds thoughts?
A. The brain does not house thoughts. It interprets the frequency of thoughts and therefore may be able to create images/things that these thoughts imply. And even in this case, due to the neurological character of this type of interpretation/communication between that which the brain receives as frequency impulses, the brain simply applies or extends impulses/frequencies that are/can be interpreted as thoughts.

Example, if a 3rd density individual is in a dangerous area, it may perceive the danger through a variety of frequency indicators that will alert the 3rd density individual that it is in danger. From there the 3rd density individual may use its ability to interpret/imagine what the danger is, and conclude any number of indicators that it will use to ascertain what exactly the danger is. In fact, if the thought/thing of danger had been left behind by another entity, and since thoughts/things are everywhere, the individual entering that time/space may feel it is directly related to them, when in fact, it was left behind by another. In this vein, it is extremely important to be able to sort through the frequency indicators to determine, which thoughts/things are self generated or imposed by an outside source. In the case of a paranoid individual, it is quite possible, that if the frequency of another's fears were arrested from the paranoid individual, they may indeed be cured of this and find the peace within that had been usurped by another's thought/things.

The pineal gland in the brain, is the base or interpreter of these impulses. It can coordinate these impulses into a steady stream outward or it can send this information into the physical body, causing other neurological changes in the physical body, i.e. fright/flight syndrome.

Q. Is it a certain portion/segment of the brain? If you cut it out, would folks not be able to think?
A. That is an interesting question. The assumption is that the brain is needed to think. Since thoughts are things and things are thoughts this implies a level of consciousness. Therefore, even an unconscious person or lobotomized person can employ the thought/thing processes in the brain. As stated, the brain receives frequency impulses. As long as there are frequency impulses, there is thinking. The idea, that the thinker need to be able to express what it is thinking is a misnomer. If the individual has made conscious connection with thoughts/things, then it can manipulate, move and change its reality as adeptly as another. Example, a lost individual thrust from a vehicle in a severe accident may be able to find their way "home" if enough thoughts/things were projected towards it and then direct that individual home. The individual, may awaken having no idea how he/she got there, but was manipulated through frequency/impulse control, presumably by their loved ones. This is a very fundamental example, but it is key in understanding, that the brain, while appearing inoperable is still able to receive frequency/impulses and respond to them by sending the information throughout the body, causing the body to respond without conscious effort on the part of the individual.

However, if the pineal gland is removed, many other functions of the body would shut down. The brain would continue to receive frequency/impulses but would have difficulty translating the information.

Q. Can thoughts be removed and replaced with other thoughts?
A. Thoughts can be manipulated. They can be muted but never removed. When muted the other thoughts of another can take hold and become the indicators of the individual thought processes. For example, thoughts of fear can be muted and replaced with thoughts of love. While the thoughts of love may prevail, the thoughts of fear have not been erased or eradicated.

Q. Can we think more than one thought at a time?
A. Another interesting question. In 3rd density reality, you have been taught that only one thing can occupy space at one time. Therefore, it is believed that no two things can exist simultaneously in the same space at the same time. What is left out of this equation is the fact that there are non-physical things that can exist all around the physicality at the same time. Inside and outside of the physicality. This idea gives 3rd density reality a linear vision of itself and its world. Creating a chasm between it and others. Thoughts are things, things are thoughts.. Just in that point, we see two things occupying the same time/space at the same time. The idea that only one can persists, removes the 3rd density individual from its Creator/Creative reality causing it to sink into a more concretized view of its reality.

For 3rd density physicality, it may appear that this is the way it is. But when 3rd density ascends to 4th-5th density reality, many thoughts/things happen all at the same time. Entities from the so-called unperceived realms exists in the same reality as 3rd density physicality. They simply are not perceived. The invasion that took place on your planet many thousands of years ago created this mindset because in order for the invaders to prevail, they had to remove those who were already here. Since this has happened over thousands upon thousands of years, it is written in the 3rd density conscript that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time. That is to say, that no two 3rd density objects can occupy the same space at the same time. The concept of infusion, emergence, singularity vs plurality, light vs dark, and other instances of domination over others has removed the idea of co-existence.

Third density reality is emptied from the realization that there are many things existing at the same time/space. That is the indicator of 3rd density reality. If it is physical, it is taking up physical space, therefore it cannot co-exist with another physical entity. There is no emergence, infusion or co-existence. There is only light or dark. In reality darkness is light and light is darkness, each containing the potentiality of the other. There is no light without darkness, there is no darkness without light. In the creation of this Universe it was not until there was the separation, light from dark, dark from light, that there was distinction. Before this distinction there was only VOID. Complete, united, full and always entirely itself. Within the void, the germination began. In the germination the rest of creation appeared, all from VOID.

So, yes, more than one thought can be perceived at one time. The perceiver can chose to entertain one thought or many thoughts. Singularity creates limitations on expansion. It also stresses linear thinking. Imagine, within a single seed is the potential of many expressions, leaf, stem, root, etc. If the single seed focuses solely on becoming a root, then the rest of the plant would not become. Creation is becoming and the ability to manipulate reality through thoughts/things manifestation all at once.

This is why human beings on your planet have difficulty with the idea of limitlessness, no time. You are trained that there is a beginning and an end, therefore you see progression of Creation as a singular occurrence, or an occurrence that comes step by step, in a linear fashion, one after the other. In fact, in the Universal sense, all things are at the same time happening together. Why? Because it is all Consciousness and Consciousness has no end no beginning. It is!! Always!! Forever!!

Q. If thoughts are ubiquitous, then where are they?
A. Thoughts are everywhere, all at the same time, with no constraints on their whereaboutness. Again, your planet has many limitations as a 3rd density manifestation, therefore, its inhabitants are struck with the belief that if something is there, it should be perceived and have a place of dwelling. This is only true on 3rd density planets like yours and others in the Cosmos.

Q. Can someone steal your thoughts and save them or store them for themselves?
A. This is impossible, for the simple reason that thoughts are everywhere, thus they cannot be stolen. They can be accessed. An individual can say, "I thought of that first." But they are merely expressing that they came to mention those words before another. The thought/things exist, whether they are perceived or not perceived. It is Creation, it is boundless Creation, it is everywhere, where there is any thing, at all. In fact, one person can have a thought/thing perception on one side of your planet (or off planet as it were) and another, from the opposite side of the planet can perceive it, can mention it, or can manifest it.

Reflect on this. There is a frequency that is surrounding your planet at this time. It is concerned with maintaining control over the masses. It has developed mind control techniques to capture thoughts/things in its frequency belt. It spreads these "captured" thoughts around your planet/globe. It releases it to be absorbed by your populous. Two things are being missed in this experiment.
1. Thoughts cannot be captured, therefore they are actually manipulating frequency in the outer fields, with the perception that they are capturing thoughts/things.
2. This manipulation is felt universally, since thoughts are everywhere. Then it is being perceived universally as an affront to the free will of the individuals of your planet who were given Free Will. The manipulators who secretly attempt to manipulate human beings on your planet are in full view of all others who can see their tricks.

In the mundane sense it may be perceived as though someone has stolen your thoughts, saved them or stored them for themselves. But in 3rd density reality, this is the only case where an individual can mistaken this type of theft or forgery. Since all is everything, and everything is all, no one thought belongs to another as opposed to it belonging to someone else. What is true is the individual's ability to receive the frequency impulse, transmute the frequency impulse and manifest that impulse into some physicality. In this way, it could be perceived as stolen, or stored, but this is a misnomer. How can anyone steal Creation?

Q. Is thinking a passive or active action?
A. Thinking is whatever you want/wish it to be. If you choose to be active participant in your thoughts, then so be it. If you choose to watch your thoughts pass by without response or analysis, then so be it.

Q. What about positive thinking?
A. Positive thinking is another very unrealistic prescription that has been put upon your peoples. What is that? How does that work? Too often your people are told to only think positive thoughts and then you will manage any life crisis that comes along. This leads you to polarization and away from balance. When you are in balance, you understand that positive and negative co-exist in the same reality. You can not live a life devoid of negativity, nor can you live a life full of positivity. They react to and on one another. Since negativity is so prominent on your planet, many are feverishly attempting to change it, create balance, by ignoring it. Negativity is as much a part of Creation as Positivity. Polarization to either side is not balance. Both must be understood and functioning in a balanced way in order to achieve optimum success on one's spiritual journey.

Q. What about visualizations?
A. Visualizations are imaginings. Imaginings are things. Things are Creations. Creations are thoughts. However, visualization without the power to manifest the visualization in one's existence is child's play, as perceived by those in higher dimensions. If you are visualizing, but you are not doing it as a Creator, then you have an image. An image that may well be perceived by another, and manifested in their life, as they had the skills/tools to manifest it in physicality. So, what you want along with visualization is the complete process of thoughts + things= Creation. if you are Creating, you must see yourself as a Creator. If you see yourself as a Creator - you must see yourself as Co-Creating in the Creation process of the entire Universe, that has never stopped creating itself. You must see yourself as the Creator/Magician/Phenomenal Being that you are.

Seeing yourself at a new job, on vacation, in school, passing a major test, having five children, is a subjective visualization. Here you are not utilizing your innate Creative powers, but waiting for the vision to "show up" at your door. It will not simply show up, it must be commanded to manifest. The Word must be given, this will be! As Co-Creator with all of the Universe, this Visualization will manifest in this 3rd density reality. Now you are actively participating in the manifestation of this visualization. You are Co-Creating your reality. This is done with intense focus, and concentrated thought. However, desire is needed to manifest and must be clear and sure. Desire is the motivating energy behind the manifestation of a thought. Desire is the motivating force that empowers thought through to manifestation. Desire must be directly clearly upon the thought/thing with the intent to bring it to manifestation. Thus another element is added, intention. All of this removes you from a spectator to a Do-er, Creator, Co-Creator.

Many may visualize and wonder why nothing happens. There may be several reasons for this.
1. Lack of true desire or intent
2. Self doubt or loathing
3. Karmic obstructions
4. Fear of success
5. Fear of responsibility

Q. What about visions?
A. Visions are the manifestation of unseen reality into the 3rd density reality. An individual may "pick up" a vision in passing, or may be an adept at seeing into the other worlds. They may be portends of coming situations, or they may simply be the formation of a being/situation not seen by the physical eye. They may come in dreams, day dreams or during waking activities. Some may be called de ja vu.

Q. Dreams?
A. Dreams are messengers from the soul, or they are the soul's travel through the dimensions 4-5th. Dreams also travel across timelines. They have their own laws and do not subscribe to the laws of waking reality. Dreams are thoughts/things.

Q. Intuition? Are they thoughts?
A. Intuition is also thought/things. They too are manifested from the frequency impulses coming into the pineal gland and are transmuted. They may be transmuted into images, feelings, perceptions, reactions and other impulses, stimulated by the reaction of the nervous system throughout the body.

Q. Can two people think the same thought at the same time? Or is it just an interpretation of sameness?
A. Since thoughts are everywhere, two people can indeed have the same thought at the same time, in any locale. It is the perception of the thought, the transmuting of the thought and the manifestation of the thought into physicality or thing(s) that determines whether it was the same thought. For example, perception, conditioning and training can effect the manifestation or expression of the thought. While in its purity it is the same, coming through the lens of each individual determines the outcome of its manifestation/expression.

Q. How can one master their thinking?
A. Mastering thinking takes conscious effort on the part of the Thinker. The thinker must know that its thoughts are things, and there is no separation between them. It must know that thoughts/things have always the potential to manifest as creations therefore it must be contemplated, "Is this thought/thing something that I wish to manifest/express?" If the answer is yes, than the thinker can go through the above mentioned steps to bring it to manifestation. If the answer is "no" then the thinker can decide to "mute" the thought/thing. One must remember that a muted thought/thing does not disappear. It is only inoperable in the reality of the said thinker. It can easily be "picked up" by another being or entity.

Q. What is the purpose of being a Master of your own thoughts?
A. The purpose of Mastering your own thoughts is to exercise ones Divine Will Power and Creative Co-Creative ability. Third density beings are programmed to believe that everything around them was Created by an outside force or being or entity, or God as you use this term so loosely. A Master of His/Her thoughts realizes that they are in constant commune with the All and are constantly present in the Creative Co-Creative Consciousness process.

Q. How do thoughts become things?
A. Thoughts do not become things, Thoughts are things, things are thoughts. If you wish to know how thoughts become things manifested in your 3rd density reality, then that is a different question and has been answered already. But to re-iterate.. it is through concentrated thought, intention, desire that thoughts become manifested things in the 3rd density physicality, like your car, your computer, your books, your buildings, etc. Each and all began as a thought, that manifested through concentrated thought, intention, desire into things in your 3rd density  Physicality.

Unfortunately, being so locked into 3rd density physicality, it is hard for you to fathom something happening out of thin air, as it were, without some physical thing making it happen. That is what has retarded your growth on this planet in the realm of Thought Forms and Things Manifestations/Creations/Phenomenon. Third density was not given the sight to see beyond the physical. It was given the potential to see. This potential is there in deep meditation. Transcendence beyond the physical constraints connects the consciousness of the meditator to the world and universe and everything in it. It gives the meditator the tool needed to get a glimpse of how the Universe was Created and offers the meditator an opportunity to Create its own Universe. Or at best, understand more deeply the Universe that it already is.

Q. What about the thoughts a person had years ago?
A. Thoughts that were perceived years ago, may manifest years later as tangible 3rd density things. And sometimes this may happen without the awareness of the Thinker. In a fit of passion the Thinker may have intended that its abuser burn in hell. Later in life, they may find that the hell manifested itself in the house of the abuser burning down to the ground while the abuser was inside. Here is where the danger lies.

Your planet was a thought in the Mind of the Creator Gods who consulted with one another as to how they would want to do this. When the regressive entities wanted to have a part in this process they were told they could not be a part of it. In essence, they were not allowed to project their thoughts into the plans of the initial Creator Gods. Crestfallen, these regressive entities devised a plan that would penetrate the initial Creation of your planet, and planted seed thoughts that would germinate over time, to create much of the chaos you see today. Because the initial planners were more focused on positive outcomes of their ingenious plan, they did not have a plan of how to work with predatory entities, regressives and the like. They seeded the planet and went on to other planets in their realms of Creation, leaving Earth with what you may call, a side-bar. Over time, those thoughts that were seeded into the Realm of Earth's Creation began to grow, and overtime, they created opportunity for other regressive entities to implant their thoughts/things frequencies in the Realm of Earth's Creation.

Earth was not a planet during that time as you know it today. Earth was of a much higher vibration but descended to lower more concrete vibration after the many invasions it was subjected to. It was the original plan for Earth to be a Beautiful Garden of Enjoyment for Stellar travelers over millions of years. But over time, it descended because of the regressive thoughts that were seeded into it. These thoughts provided the electromagnetic consequence for mind control and manipulation and ignorance of the life on this planet. Fortunately, in a short while this veil will be lifted, but the battle for the mind is very intense, and the thoughts of old are resurfacing to re-establish its dominion.

Q. What about implantation, voluntarily?A. Thoughts can be presented as implantations, however, they are merely catalysts for the thoughts that were already there, and muted. Since thoughts/things are everywhere, there is no new thought, there is only the replication of other thoughts. It is the consciousness of the individual who can remedy this situation. They can receive these thoughts and claim them as their own, or they can mute them, knowing they are there, but have decided not to participate in them.. During these times of mind control, it is very important to explore the thoughts as to their ability to move an individual forward. If these thoughts moves a person to action that is destructive then it is not of benefit to them. Thoughts that suggest physical action are lower level thoughts as they do not invite the individual to utilize it's innate power of actualization and manifestation through thought. Again, we mention how one can have a thought in a fit of passion and walk away from it, never realizing that the potential for the manifestation is very very high. For example, humans like to claim each other in fits of passion particularly while having sexual relations... Then after some time, especially if the relationship does not work out, they wonder why they are still so inexorably attached to the other person. Thoughts are things, things are thoughts.

Q. How does one use thoughts to change their reality?
A. If you realize that thoughts are things and things are thoughts, then focus on changing these thoughts and having them manifest as Co-Creation in commune with all of Creation, the reality around the individual can change. However, it must be done clearly and succinctly for best results.

Q. How does one use thoughts to master their reality?
A. This question has already been answered in the above transmission.

Q. How does one use thoughts to bring things they want or need to them?
A. This question has also been answered. But we must add that caution as to what one may want or need be brought to them. In too many circumstances individuals in 3rd density are seeking material wealth and gain, and not realizing that this materialism is the major stumbling block for them to attain higher levels of consciousness. But again, the Master of His/Her thoughts will utilize their power for whatever benefit that is seen by them, for whatever manifestation that may come to them. Thus being the Master, makes one responsible for the outcome and/or manifestation of their own desires.

Q. What is concentrated thought?
A. Concentrated thought is manipulation of various thoughts into one modality of expression. It is like pooling resources to one's attempt towards manifestation. If this pooling is variable, then the thought is not concentrated but carries all manner of interferences that can compromise the desired effect.

Q. Is that possible to concentrate on one thing?
A. Concentrating on one thing/thought is irrational. Because thoughts are things and things are thoughts, to chose one thing is to deny other things. It is best to compile many things into one thing, then to separate many things into counter or undermining modality. What we mean by this, is that it is foolish to believe that one thing exists without any other thing. All things/thoughts exist together. The focus of thoughts/things for manifestation is the initial intent. But one must understand that the manifestation may contain things that were not consciously perceived. Therefore, the manifestation/Creation will include many possibilities, many opportunities and many outcomes.

Third density physicality, wants to concentrate on burning a bush, but forgets that the burning of a bush will incite other reactions in the area or locale, i.e., a forest fire. Adding to this is the naivete that only one thing/thought exists. If in bringing something to manifestation with the intent to bring no harm, there is the benefit of conscious Creation without detrimental incidences happening, however, even in this, the detrimental incidences are there, whether perceived or not perceived. One cannot, does not exist with out the other.

Q. What are counter thoughts?
A. Counter thoughts are thoughts. In the perceiver they can be for the benefit of the perceiver or not. Example, a perceiver, may perceive the thought.thing to kill another. While in the midst of this thought another thought comes in to spare the person's life. While it is contrast to the original thought, it in and of itself saves a life, therefore, counter thoughts can be seen as alternate thoughts/things for a particular reality at a particular time/space.

Q. Should one protect their thoughts?
A. Since thoughts are things and things are thoughts, and thoughts/things are every where so to attempt to protect them may be futile. However, one can determine which thoughts/things one wishes to engage in and from there determine their impact or manifestation.

Q. Is that possible to be assailed by the thoughts of another?
A. It is possible to have the thoughts/things of another to awaken latent/muted thoughts one has entertained in one's one mind, heart, spirit. Thoughts/things are instruments, they have no value, positive or negative. They exist. They are every where. It is the individual who gives credence or difference to them. If other thoughts come into the mind of an individual, who feels they are not their own, they are correct, because thoughts/things do not belong to anyone. They are in existence and that is all. If the perceiver finds certain thoughts/things uncomfortable for them, they can simply mute them and enjoy other thoughts/things. However, they must remember that muted thoughts are not dead thoughts and that at any time, they may be awaken. In finality, it is the option of the individual to act upon these thoughts/things or refrain from acting on them. They exist, they are forever, they are everywhere. They are manifestations of consciousness.

Q. Does thinking require intelligence?
A. No it does not. What is intelligence? The ability to understand difficult scientific principles, or the ability to understand a persons connection to all things?? Third density individuals, place higher value on what an individual can regurgitate than in how an individual can connect to Infinite Consciousness. In connecting or being a part of Infinite Consciousness one is thinking. Whether they are graduates from an esteem college or university or a simple person living in a secluded village. What shows more intelligence, killing for the sake of conquest and dominance over others: or killing just enough to feed a family?

Thank You
Medasi Pii

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Major Meltdown

Waking up after a major emotional meltdown brought some interesting things to mind. I always look for signs, some call them synchronicities, I call them messages from the Universe to help me process and navigate through my emotions.

Mal from the movie "Inception" came to mind. I actually felt like her. She tried so hard to wake her beloved up from the illusion that he thought was reality. I felt her pain as he announced to her that he couldn't be with her because of all her complexities, her perfections and her imperfections, and that she just wasn'tgood enough for him anymore.

She tried desperately to show him that his world did not really exist, that it was an illusion, a delusion even, but he couldn't accept it and continued to prove to himself and fight off his own demons that were trying to keep him in and out of the delusional world he had created with his wife.

Somewhere/everywhere on this Prison Planet, we stumble, we fall, we falter, we make wrong decisions as we try to grapple with the so-called reality around us. The more we try the deeper we go and the more we realize that it is all an illusion, a game, a dream, a theater show written by Puppet Masters. We think we are playing authentic roles and being in "character" for real, when in fact we are just players on this stage.

It's a stage built by the protagonist and the antagonist whom we both are. That's what Mal was, she was his lover and his hater. In as much as she loved him, she attempted to destroy him "for his own good". She perished in her attempts and he went on to continue his dream, his illusion, fantasy. And in his "crazy"mind he felt like he really left her behind, only to wake up on the shore of his subconscious, lost and still dreaming.

This reality, or whatever we call it, is a dream, just a bit slowed down than the ones we experience when we are asleep. It comes equipped with all the illusionarytrappings we need to "create" the drama.

We work tirelessly in our creation of this "reality" we feel is so real and true, when in fact it is just an illusion.

The sad part of it is that we are hurt and we hurt as part of our own particular roles and perceptions of what is "real" and what is not. We feel secure in our perceptions, that we are "real" and any counter perspective is folly.

We hold on dearly to our illusions and will fight fiercely to maintain our illusion of what is real. We respond antagonistically towards anyone, friend, foe, family member, lover, anyone, who would dare to pull us into their illusion. We hold water in our hands and believe that we can do this even as it drips away from us. We impose our belief systems on the very ones we are supposed to love unconditionally and we destroy instead of build.

Yet, through it all, there is an Entity, or what have you behind the curtain. There is a bigger plan, a larger game and an even bigger illusion that is giving us plenty of props for our present illusion. We live in our rarified worlds, determining who is the enemy and who is not, who is friend and who is a counter-force to what we wish to believe. It is all an illusion, or better yet, let me call it a sub-illusion to the one just above it. The Entity behind the curtain is hidden, but it is quite effective in helping us fight for our illusions.

I woke up this morning, wondering, what does it really matter, there is no defense and no chance for change of perspective on this stage. And yet, the pain is very real, and it really, really hurts when your mistakes outweigh any benefits you may have brought to someone you love, thus, feeling like Mal. She really hurt Cobb in her attempt to get back to "ONE" which was not "Oneness" at all but an illusion of "ONE" they created together oblivious to the fact that they were being played, or that they were playing "roles" on this illusionary stage call life on this planet.

So I feel you Mal. It really hurts when the person you love looks at you with contempt for playing your role on the same illusionary stage they played theirs. It takes you to that suicidal point of insanity, where you want to make it all stop,,,,

How could you have been so mis-casted in your role. How could you possibly turn it around, dust off your values, impregnate your mind, regain your self respect, when you are still dancing, practicing, walking, talking,teaching, eating, gaining and losing on the Universal Illusion Stage?

"Synopsis: Although we have bandages for cuts, chicken soup for colds, and ice packs for bruises, most of us have no idea how to treat day-to-day emotional injuries such as failure, rejection, guilt, and loss. But these kinds of emotional injuries often get worse when left untreated and can significantly impact our quality of life and cause damage to our emotional wellbeing."

Yes, all things in existence are made up of energy (proven through quantum physics), and everything is a part of the one energy field.  There is only one energy  in existence – which everything is a part of.
Separation is an illusion experienced in this reality/vibrational field of duality, time & space.
This illusion has a divine purpose of allowing us to directly experience  the vibrations/experiences available in this vibrational field we call Earth. Read more here: Click here for entire article

Disclaimer, I never read this book, but the title seems to say it all!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FYI, Winter Solstice, Northern Hemisphere, Dec. 20-21, 2013


In 2013, winter begins with the solstice at 12:11 P.M. on December 21 (EST - check in you own area for a more exact estimation of the time)
The winter solstice for the Northern Hemisphere is fast approaching.  All too often this time of year has us externalizing, shopping, buying and getting deeper and deeper into the material world, when in fact, it is most appropriate to get into the spiritual world, or your spiritual work during these times. It's a shut down time as the light duration of the sun diminishes and we experience shorter day light hours.

The animals seem to be more in alignment with this period, particularly those that hibernate during the winter months. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is so industrialized that we cannot "REST" during this time but must continue to go and go and go, through it all. 

If we are really and truly wanting to quiet ourselves we have to make a HUGE effort to shut ourselves down. Particularly if you are Christian or surrounded by
Christians, and then on the other hand, let's keep religion out of it, let's just talk about the mind control and the push to consume, buy, consume, buy..... The pressure is at its peak during this time, and having Christmas & Kwanzaa and other "festivals" thrown into the ring, you will probably look not too far from crazy if you say, you cannot eat Christmas dinner, as you are fasting. It's definitely a battle for your spiritual well being, and to catapult you into a very depressed coming year with a calendar that is all off.

Historically, it seems to be a plan to homogenize the entire world onto a specific pathway, how more manageable they are if they are all doing the same thing? In fact, the winter does not bring snow everywhere, but it seems, that is what is imaged as the true winter scene. 

When we do things in the alignment with natural cycles we tend to be more successful. The resolutions made on New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, are going to be more difficult to keep due to the fact they are being made during a mis-alignment. Not to mention, they are made with the big distractions of a just past Christmas and a coming New Year's Eve Party!!! Resolutions will shortly be barely remembered if at all with all that going on. When a farmer is aware of the best times for planting seeds, that is when the seeds are planted. Because of the general wintry climate and the shortness of day light, it portents a time for introspection, quietude, meditation, fasting and contemplation. Take a look at what the past year has brought and make changes in these quiet moments, moments that will hold your resolutions in longevity.  It may also help to get assistance, i.e., through a psychic reading, focused meditation, visualizations, soul searching, etc.; to help determine what resolutions are most apt to move to successful achievement considering the energies of the coming cycle. Everything is energy.
 Nevertheless, if you persevere through the social opprobrium, you may find that you have moved a little bit further on your spiritual journey. 

I find it interesting that the same folks who speak of Awakening also Capitalize off all the Christmas rivalry that can happen during these times, it seems to be a huge chasm when it comes to Awakening and Commercialism. While I must admit that these folks are about selling, selling and selling whatever they are presenting in the form of the Way to Awakening, they do not appear to have the courage to tell folks to cease and desist being caught up in the Capitalist/Commercial bubble of Christmas. Maybe they are afraid they will lose followers, and if that's the case, are they really being sincere?? 
Knowing that many folks will still be doing what they are most familiar with, I have presented my thoughts. Below you will find some information on the Winter Solstice to help you understand better what it's all about. It is simply an FYI for any who may be interested.

In 2013, winter begins with the solstice at 12:11 P.M. on December 21 (EST - check in you own area for a more exact estimation of the time)

Ø      The winter solstice is fast approaching.  For those who are interested in learning more about the Winter Solstice and its implications, there are listed several links to give you some information about the ancient celebrations and its correlation to today and the so-called “Christmas Season.”  Please read these links and research your own and by all means feel free to share what you discover.

Ø      Fasting is extremely important around the Winter Solstice.  Be sure to take special time to observe the Solstice, Dec. 21, 2006....  Fasting, praying, meditating...   This is the time of year when you should be making your resolutions.  That is write them down, make plans on how you want to accomplish them.  Pick accomplishable resolutions!!!!  Make intentions and affirmations.  Write them down.  Be COOL.  Try not to get hyped..

Ø      Fast in whatever way works for you, three days before, on the 21st and three days after.  I suggest something simple like no salt, no sugar, no junk food, no fried foods and no meat.  If you can do this for seven days that will be challenging enough.  I do not suggest a juice or water fast, it is too cold, it is winter and we need caloric foods to keep us warm......  Burrrrr!!!

Ø      On Dec. 21, attempt to fast from any negative situations, shopping, and large crowds.  See who can fast from talking...  Try 12 hours.... no talking to nobody.  That means e-mailing as well...  Shut down communications.......  And if it goes sooo bad that no matter how hard you try, somebody, somewhere is trying to make you talk to them all day, Dec. 21, then when you go to bed, make the intention, that you will be quiet, at least in bed, while sleeping.  Try hard.......

Ø      After the fast, if you can keep those things out of your diet, good, if not, gradually introduce the things you took out, except, don't gradually introduce junk food, for crying out loud!!!

Ø      The Winter Solstice is known as the shortest date of the year, and it signifies the return of the sun. It is sometimes viewed as a time for rebirth, as we go from the darkest day of the year, and move into longer days. This can be a time to also look at what you want to create in the coming months, as well as clear out the old and release the past.

Ø      Let's dig deep into our souls and may everyone have a successful and blessed Winter Solstice...  

Some Solstice Links

6.  Wikipedia
7.  Winter solstice in 2013 is on Friday 21 June, in the Southern Hemisphere
8. Winter Solstice 2013 & Arcturian Healing Classes with Gene Ang


Winter Solstice

The ancient peoples used this time of "longest night" to focus on the power of darkness. Not the negative image of darkness, but the richness of that unknown, dark, fertile, deep part in each of us wherein our intuitive, creative forces abide. In modern terms, it is a time for owning one¢s shadow, so as to transform any negative energy associated with it into the energy of creation and psychic ability. We must accept and know our Darkness before we can fully know our Light.

The Christ energy enters the Earth at this time in the yearly cycle, infusing our world with the ideal of perfection and the desire for a re-merging with the One. As the Essenes prepared for this infusion at the beginning of the Piscean Age, so do we prepare for this entry of Christ energy at this season. On the morning following the Solstice, the Yule log is lighted, signifying the return of the Sun (Son) after our long night of inner preparation.

We have arrived at the longest night, when the power of the Sun is at its lowest point. From this point of Solstice onward, the Sun will experience a "rebirth" .... Each day will see more and more sunlight from this Solstice until Summer Solstice, when solar influence will be at its peak.

The Great Invocation

From the point of light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into our minds
Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into our hearts
May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our wills
The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door
where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
restore the Planet Earth!