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Understanding the I Ching - for Everyday Practical Use

Introduction to the I Ching

In an effort to share the wealth, I have committed to putting my knowledge, acquired over the past 30 years, about the I Ching Oracle, its uses and its benefits. Please check it out, and add your comments here and on Youtube. That will be much appreciated.

Understanding the I Ching, Lesson 1

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The I Ching (Yi Jing) is an amazing oracular system developed in Ancient China more than 5,000 years ago. It continues to have relevance up until this day. It was first developed by an intensely Spiritual Man by the name of Fu Shi who's ethnicity harkens back to according to some Africa in some reports... In fact, there is a strong correlation between the I Ching and the Ifa system of Nigeria, West Africa.
Fu Shi, having spent some time studying the markings on a tortoise shell was inspired to develop a system that would help humanity understand the every day changes as well as the celestial changes in the Universe. He started with just two lines, then three, called trigrams and develop these trigrams in reflections of the elements around him. wood, Earth, metal, water, fire. From there came the repeating cycles productive, destructive, controlling and dissolving. Of course as with all Ancient Texts, changes, editions and subtractions have been made, especially in translating it from the Ancient Mandarin.
All in all it comes to us, and from much experience it has given me, it shows to be one of the best systems around.
I have been using this system without fail for over 30 years. It has guided me through some trying and joyful times. It has given me a stronger ability to intuit and helped me to relinquish my dependence upon it. Over time, one becomes so in tune, that they can "forecast" the hexagrams that may come up in a reading, providing confirmation for each life situation that it is consulted on.
This video is the first in a series of videos. And since I am about to throw my old cassette tapes out from the many classes I have held in the past, this will go for posterity's sake.
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Read as many books as you can find on on the I Ching and use this oracle as your pocket guide to a more fruitful, spiritual and effective life. Namaste

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