Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Glass Walls" Music legend and activist Paul McCartney narrates.

This video brought so much stuff up for me, I had to take my thoughts to pen. We live in an iconically ironic country, the United States.

We have corporations who are allowed to have animal farms where they kill animals in the most grotesque way, then turn around and feed these animals to the masses, here and abroad.

We live in a culture where in many places, like where I live, if I decide to raise my own chickens in my yard, the borough police will pound down my door, or send the humane society against the cruelty of animals, to retrieve my chickens because it is against their rules. However, where is the humane society for animals when they are killing chickens, pigs, cows, goats, in this manner......???

Frankly, I couldn't watch the video past the first 20 seconds.. if that long.

We live in a culture that has us so divorced from our food and our food source. So much so, that little children are growing up thinking milk comes in a carton, not out of a cow's utters, and if you attempt to give them "fresh" milk, they will turn their faces in disgust.

We live in a culture that tells us that we should be disgusted by any food product that has not been packaged, processed, canned, boxed, etc... and anything else is suspect at best and unsanitary at worst. God forbid if there is any discoloration or bruises on fruits or vegetables.

We live in a throwaway world, where things, are easily thrown away, and packaged in such a way that by the time you get to the item you have thrown away at least 2-3 parts of the packaging. What does constant throwing away of things do to the human psyche? What is the hidden message this type of packaging gives to the subconscious mind? "Everything, including you, is disposable." How wasteful. The weight of the stuff we throw away, if changed to food, could probably feed a starving family in Africa for a whole year. Imagine... what does your trash day look like??? Begin there, how much are you throwing away, each week, each month, each year.

We live in a culture that; decrees germs, infections, disease, and yet, will raise the animals we eat in the most unsanitary conditions. Feed these animals all types of growth hormones, antibiotics and additives that have them grow in to life sized monsters, then feed them indiscriminately to the masses, making huge profits off the unnatural and in-humane slaughter of millions of animals. Not to mention the residual profits to Big Pharma/Monsanto/Big Banks/ all the way down to the folks who make the cages for these animals to breed in.

What is wrong with a people who accept this type of brutality to the food they eat?? What does this brutalization implant in the hearts and minds and souls of those who eat it?? Is it any wonder we have people who can join the military and exhibit the most inhumane behavior towards another? Especially when their culture tells them that it's okay to treat animals this way.. Therefore, once these young men and women in the military are fed the doctrine that the people they are killing are not human, but targets and in some instances, animals, is it any wonder that these atrocities can happen many times over?

We live in a culture so a part from nature, that when huge buildings are constructed there is little out cry for the earth underneath these massive monstrosities. All in the name of civilization???

I can only imagine that anyone from a much further advance civilization, would wonder, is this civilized the way we kill our animals, our planet, each other? Imagine the energy that you are ingesting when you eat any type of food that has been mutilated, manipulated, genetically engineered?

I am no scientist with a long string of letters behind my name. I am a sentient being with close ties to the Planet earth, and that's all I need. It makes perfectly good sense, that we are experiencing a slow death, in our mind, body and spirit. We have been manipulated to believe that what is good for us tastes bad and what is bad for us is soooo good. We do not realize the level of indoctrination and brain washing that has taken effect over our thinking and that we in turn, are passing on, generation upon generation.

It is difficult to stand up, one blade of grass against the winds of the tide of the status quo, but I am determined to stand up, to stand strong and to disconnect myself from this travesty as much as is humanly possible.

I believe that if we each take small steps, not huge drastic steps, but small baby steps, within our grasp, within our reach, within our realm, we can make a change.

We can kick this meglamaniac Big Business/Pharma/Military complex, by saying no, if only in a whisper, but say no!!! Then take self sustaining steps towards feeding, clothing and sheltering ourselves, independently. Don't get caught up in the global warming, green craze, because it still requires dependence on something outside of us. This thing outside of us will always control us. It will replicate the same system, the same plan with a different face.

After viewing this video, how can anyone eat meat they purchased in a store without thoroughly examining how the animal was raised and slaughtered?? How can anyone ever go to fast food restaurant and order fries with it??

I find it incredibly amazing that the football player Michael Vick was so denigrated for what he did with dogs, yet, those same people are virtually quiet when it comes to the slaughtering of animals that feed the American people and others around the world. There is something terribly wrong and imbalanced with this picture. Small wonder there is so much confusion in the world.

The irony to top all ironies for me is, at the end of a movie, where all types of destruction to people, property and sometimes animals, is followed by a disclaimer.... "No harm has come to any of the animals in the production of this film............." Huh??? Why isn't there one to say the same about human beings????  Why isn't there one to say that the destruction was all staged and didn't really happen.

Why do I belly-ached about this??? Because, I watched my elder grandmother who is from Ghana, watch some things on TV and she actually believed we could get in contact with the people on the screen. She actualy, believed that the lady in the movie, was really being hurt. Yes, she was from the bush.... but so are we, she is from the earth and so are we, and while we may have to tell ourselves over and over, it's only a movie, we are impacted by what is put on the screen before us.

Small wonder, there is so much confusion in the world, small wonder.

At some point, we each have to take the spoon out of our mouths, at some point we each have to unplug from the Matrix. Little by little, step by step... Or it's over!!! And those of us, who are most dependent on the Matrix, will feel the pinch the most.