Tuesday, November 15, 2011

O Qua Tangin Wan's Earthly visit

Okay, things are really changing with my relationship with O Qua Tangin Wann. I don't know what to make of it, but it has me rethinking quite a few things when it comes to this ET stuff and dimensional stuff too.

Here's what happened. I am pouring libations, it's Sunday, and I actually see him walk through my shrine room door. I see him with my eyes open. I am not dreaming and I am not sleeping.

So, okay, that was really deep. Shortly after he entered the room, my Adade Kofi shrine bowl quivered. I saw that with my eyes opened, as if he shook it to let me know he was really there? I have sat with my shrine many times but never did I ever see that happen. It actually looked like the shape of the pot changed briefly to that of a square instead of round or something and as I watched it change that made it look like it quivered or something like that.

Now, there are certain things that happen to my body, while I am awake and shortly before a visit from Tan, as if I can intuit that he is coming. I had been having mental conversations with him, and wondered why I hadn't seen him in my out of body experiences, or been brought upon the ship. This experience made me realize that I was traveling to him, and now he was traveling to me. He said he would stay with me the entire day. I could feel/see him walking beside me as I had to go to the store. He walked through my car door and sat in the passenger seat next to me. He wanted to see where I live and what I do. That to me was so interesting, mainly because that is what I want from him, to see where he lives and what he does. He asked me a million questions, some of them were so hard for me to explain because he could not understand what I meant or why things were the way they are on this planet. Particularly all the signs along the road.. After our trip, I could feel him fading, but I said, stay with me until we get to my house, cause that is where the vortex is. He came in with me and left from my home. It was more a dissipation of his energy more than anything else.

When he came through my shrine room door and I said,
 "I see you, Tan. How are you? This is different. You came to see me??"
"Yes, I came to see you. What are you doing?"
"I am pouring libations. This is what I do on shrine holy days."
"What are shrine holy days?"
"Well, they are the days when all the Akan priests and priestess pour libations."
 "What is, pour libations?"
"Well, it's the way we pray. We pour libations and say our prayers. I am adjusting my prayers these day to express that I am co-creating and cooperating with them, rather than begging them to do things for me."

Here it almost felt like it feels when I have a client who comes to my shrine house and wants to know what, or why I am doing stuff.
"Why do you do that and who are you praying too?"
"Well, let me see how I can explain this. There are forces, forces that work in the ethereal dimension, forces we cannot see with our physical eye, but we can commune with them with our spirit. We call them Abosom, and we make a shrine pot for them to rest in. Here is Nana Adade, he is a warrior god, who fights for justice. Over here is Nana Asuo Gyebi, we go to him to help resolve our differences, he mediates for us. He is also a warrior and a healer. And over here is Nana Esi, she is like a mother spirit to us. She helps us with our families and helps us to have children if we are having trouble having them. She is very kind. Over there is Nana Yao Boatin, he is also a warrior, but he is very fierce and we have to give him honey to keep him calm down. And there are many, many more. They represent archetypes, personalities, forces and powers. They work with us and help us."
"Why do they need a pot to rest in if they are ethereal?"

"Well, I would say, we give them the pot, so they can bring their energy there and we can feel it stronger than if we didn't have the pot."
"How is that possible? If it is spiritual, or ethereal, in an unseen dimension, how does having something you can see make them easier to see?"
"Well, the other thing we do is possess them."

"Why do you do that?"
"Well, we do it so we can really feel their energy. When we possess them, the force of the Abosom comes into us and becomes very strong. We change our personality and manifest the characteristics of that particular Obosom. Each Obosom has its own characteristics and qualities so when we possess them, we are able to commune with them even more strongly."
"Oh, I see. So who told you that was the way to do it?"
"Tan, we are programmed to believe it, what else can I say. We go through a training process where we are taught how to possess them, how to make shrine pots for them and how to work with them. We are trained, we are programmed. I guess it's like any other religious programming. We are told how powerful they are, how much we need them, and how they will get with us if we offend them. So, I guess we do it because we are programmed to do it."
"But why must you be programmed to do something like that? Wouldn't it be easier to just connect with the force you want to connect with, let it work for you and with you and then you would not need all these things that you have here. You have a lot of things here."
"Well, that programming helped me to be able to see the spirit world better and stronger. It helped me to be able to intuit better and see stuff, and see and talk to you. See?"
"Not quite. I cannot see the purpose of it. It does not make logical sense to me."
"Well, when I come down here, I also pour libations for you, too."
"And why do you do that?"
"I do it so I can get closer to you. That is what we do, we call the name of all the people and spirits we love and ask the shrine to bless them. Well, I guess you don't need the shrines to bless you, do you?"
"No. I do not mean to disrespect you in anyway. I am only attempting to understand the things you do, in your life on this planet, and how you have come to do these things. There is some logic, correct?"
"Um, Tan, I am not sure if there is any logic to it. We do it, because we are trained, programmed to do it. I do think that doing it has opened doors spiritually for me, that may not have been opened any other way."
"Oh, I see."
"Tan, many thousands of years ago, or millions or even trillions, the ET's came to this planet and those who were here saw them as gods. They did all kinds of magical things and the people who were here were in awe of them. There were many of them. This I am sure you know. They did tricks and magic and the people here, or the beings who were here were amazed by their wonders. Some of them wanted to be like them and bargained and made promises of servitude to them if they would give them some of their powers. Others mated with the humans, right? You know this already, right?

Well, what these so-called gods left us was so much stuff that at this point and time on planet earth, it is hard to discern what is what. People are worshipping these gods down through the ages.. wanting to be like them, and others have become slaves to them. Many of us are still slaves to them through the religions of the world they have made us slaves to them. When the gods left and went back they left this behind, they left the people behind, and they left the people to go on and get crazy with power and control.
Some wanted to say, they were the sons and daughters of the gods, which made them special and better than everyone else, and then the battle began. Some of the gods couldn't get out.. they lived long lives and eventually died, for any number of reasons, right? you know this too.

So now, here I am, with my Akan deities, Abosom. They are the gods of Ghana, West Africa, and they do the same thing. They marry us, we birth them, we take care of them, we nurture them, we feel special because of our relationship with them, some people feel better than others because of their relationship with them and so on, it is.......
Without proper guidance and understanding that we are gods ourselves without all the trappings we get caught up in this. I am wondering what to do with these "gods" when I leave for the mothership. I am gonna give, Nana Esi to my daughter but what about the others? What do I do? There is a connection to them that I nurtured.
I don't feel threatened by them, but there was a time when I was totally in love with them, so much. You see how we become when we are not given the truth about who we are??  Humanity is lost in its own sauce of ignorance and lack of knowledge of who we are. Do you see?"
" I can see that you are all very confused. You pray for someone or something to help you and you do not realize the power you have to do it for yourself. You all are literally following around on someone else to make life better for you. When you pour libations, and you call my name, are you asking me to do something for you, like you are asking them?"
"No Tan, I call your name to honor you, that's all. I am not and do not ask you to do something for me, i.e., give me money. I do know that I am on the list for the great airlift, and I am looking so forward to that, and I am ready for that. But no, I do not expect you to do anything like that for me. I know that I can create whatever I want, so I want to know how to do that, I want to do that for myself."
"So, is that why you pour libations?"
"Well, at this point, I pour to honor them. To call their names out of respect and honor their legacy. I want to work along side them, as I now realize that I am as much a part of the ethereal realm as they are, and I commune with them there. In fact, I can do both, while they can only experience physicality through a host, such as myself."
"A host. That is a very interesting thing to call yourself, Oma Tyra."

 After a while, I felt like I was becoming defensive. I know that Tan did not mean to offend me, that it was his curiosity about us humans and weird "shit" we do. It does not make logical sense to him, that I would allow another entity to use me as a host, to get to a level spiritually that I could do with my own thoughts, desires and dreams. I am coming to grips with that. I never, ever thought that I would wonder myself, why I have these shrines... And I must say that I am grateful that I do not have a bunch of people in my shrine house because I am going through a major messomorphis, right now.

 "Okay Tan, I have to go and run some errands."
"Would you mind if I came along?"

Now that was a peculiar request. But then again, he is very respectful, but then again, there I would be with someone with me, that only I could see. SMDH.

"No, I would not mind at all. You are welcome to see how the other half lives."
"The other half, Oma Tyra? There are two parts to you?"
"No, Tan, that is just a saying. We have a lot of them in our language. Some of them make no sense at all in the moment, they only make sense if you know the history of the saying. We call them idioms."
"Yes, Tan, but don't worry, it would take all day to explain that."
"Well, I came to spend the day with you. I would like to stay with you the entire day and see how you live your life and see the things you do."
"Okay, Tan."

At this point, I am not sure about that request, I had some errands to run and while there was an interchange telepathically, I was also talking out loud to him. Telepathy, can be hard to get used to, when you are used to hearing your own voice in response to someone else's voice. He had asked me before to work on my telepathy... so , anyways, he spoke telepathically to me, and as much as I could catch myself, I spoke back telepathically. Tan just walked through the door of my house, my car and every store I went into. In fact, he asked me to do that to, and wondered if I would like to do that.

"Yes, I would love to do that, but not in the open in broad day light, folks would have me arrested or captured in some way. But I guess they would have to catch me first, right?"

Tan was extremely curious about all the signs along the highway.

 "Why do you have so many walls with words on them? Why do you have so many places, buildings, with words on them? What does that all mean?"
"Well, it means that somebody somewhere paid some money for it/them. You have to have money to put these signs up, they are called signs, Tan. If you pay money to put the signs up, then you want people to come there and pay you money so you can forestall the cost of putting up all those signs and erecting all those buildings. We live in a world where we have to buy/purchase everything. And since it is set up like that, they make us purchase everything, our food, our clothing, our water, you name it. Everything. Nothing is free here."
"But why do they do that?"
"Because somewhere in human history, wealth became something that everyone wanted, so they figured out ways to have wealth and to hoard the wealth they have. They figured out ways to make you bring your wealth into their building and give it to them, so they could be more wealthy and you can have less. They figured out how to make everything cost, even the air we breath. You see them chemtrails???"
"Oma Tyra, do not concern yourself with the chemtrails. They are being taken care of, so that the air will be fine. The pollution that is being put into your air is overpowering, but do not concern yourself, it is being taken care of. We are watching you, and we are making some arrangements with your air."
"Okay, well that is gonna be hard for me to do. It feels as though they are hurting me personally." "This is true, but do not be too concerned. It will be taken care of."
"Okay, back to the signs. We also have lights on the corner of most streets, they tell us when to stop and when to go."

"That is strange, would it not be easier to organize a transit system that would be safe for everyone, and no one would need to be told to stop and go?"
"Again Tan, it is about commerce, money, if we do not stop when we should and if we go when we shouldn't then they will send the police to give us a ticket that we must pay for. You see? This way, they continue to drain us of our money and resources."
"How does this benefit them?"
"I have always said, that if they can control our movement, they can control our minds. When they can control our minds, they can keep us enslaved and running around with whatever they throw at us. This is a prison planet, Tan, I am sure you see the servitude we must endure each day of our lives."
"Why do the humans allow this?"
"Because to break free would take a monumental paradigm shift in our lifestyle. Most of us don't know how to make our own clothes, grow our own food, teach our own children. Most humans, especially in the Western world and those who are trying to be Westernized don't know how to take care of themselves. They know how to submit to someone else taking care of them."
"I do not see how that is a wrong thing. Is it that those who take care of you want you to serve them?"

"Yes, Tan, it is not from the kindness of their hearts. That which they give us is laced with the poison of servitude. We must serve them, if we want to have food, clothing and shelter. They have set up the matrix for us to exist in, and think we are free. You should watch that movie, Tan, if you have not already seen it. We live on a human grid, and we are wired into the matrix illusion of life and happiness, when we are slaves, slaves to the Machine that takes care of us, and makes us work at tiresome hateful jobs just so we do not fall below the poverty level. That is the consciousness of the controllers of this world.

We are dominated by controllers who do not care about humanity as a whole, but only how humanity can serve them and keep them wealthy. They could care less about the logic or common sense that taking care of human beings because it is the right thing to do. And humanity has fallen so far away from its point of sovereignty, that it looks for leadership in every arena of life. What do we eat, wear, watch on TV, sports, what political candidate, etc. You see those folks on that picture there, they are running for office, or let me say, they want folks to vote for them so they can continue to rule in their area, but I would wager, that most folks don't even know who they are, and except for that picture, wouldn't even know what they look like. They come around when it is time to vote."
"Vote? What is the meaning of vote?"
"Tan, that would take a million years to explain. There are people who want to rule other people, but they do not want to rule based on their merit or what they have done on behalf of humanity, they want to rule because they are glorified in that position, they are paid off, in that position by the people who want them to do their bidding, and as a result, they are controlled and rule the people based on who their controllers are. They are the public face of the hidden controllers. Who pay them money to do what they want them to do, and the people who vote really have no impact on what these rulers do. Do you understand?"

"I believe I am understanding it more, Oma Tyra, how is it that the rulers are selected, without any true merit?"

"Because here, if you have enough money you can make enough signs and put them on the walls, and make paper with your face on it, and put your face on the television and send out mail, remember I told you, everything cost money... everything is about commerce the exchange of money from one hand to the other. So, they know that people will not really look into the moral character of the individual, unless a neatly laid plan to scandalize them comes out, otherwise, people will just go along with it. Because it is called the Democratic process, the majority rules, that means that the minority has no voice. And so it is, over time we have more rulers, but the game has never changed over the eons."
"So you are saying, that people want to be taken care of, and yet they have no idea or care not to know who are these people taking care of them? They do not care if these people have their best interest or are qualified for the position of ruling over them? That is strange, indeed."
"Tan, that is the system we live under, it is a system of dominance by anyone who has the money to dominate, not by anyone who cares. Usually, the person who really cares, is demonized, ostracized, ridiculed and in some instances killed. Human beings kill their saviors... that has been true through the annals of time. Somewhere along the way, humanity lost it."

When we arrive at the store, Tan walks through the car door, the railing and the door of the store. We are in the Vitamin Shoppe. He becomes completely amazed by the many bottles and jars and boxes all on the shelves and asks.

"Oma Tyra, what are these things?"
"These things are nutrients. They are called vitamins, minerals and supplements to help keep us healthy."
"But how can it do that when you live in a very unhealthy world that keeps you sick, with just all the rules you must follow, and the servitude. Please explain."
"Okay, like I said before it is about commerce, money, wealth for those who have and not for those who don't have. Since so many people are mentally ill, physically ill and psychically ill, and the medical profession is doing a very bad job of taking care of these sick people, people go to alternative ways of healing. Then somewhere in there, someone thought, wow, I can make a lot of money off these people seeking alternative ways of healing, so let me go to the rain forest, rip up the herbs, divest the area of nutrients, process these herbs, etc., put it in a bottle and let these folks buy it from the "Health Food Stores". Great idea!!!

And so, instead of giving us an opportunity to grow our own food, and heal our own self, we are told to go to the store, buy dead food, and take vitamins that have been extracted from the live food and we will be healed.

Anyone who attempts to heal someone through the power of thought, or even encourage them to heal themselves that way, is banished, Tan!! They are called "Quacks" and they are ostracized and they make people fear them. You see how it works?"
"No, I do not see. It is very illogical to make people sick by giving them dead food. It is very illogical to extract the nutrients from the vegetable and mineral world and put it into a bottle or a capsule or a tablet, and feed that to the people, when they could be taught to heal themselves through the power of their own minds."
"Tan, they are not, and I repeat, not....... going to teach people to heal themselves. Do you realize how much money is made off of people being sick?? Again I am sure this is something beyond your ability to imagine, but that is how it is on this planet, man."
"Oma Tyra, there is a great unrest among your peoples for this very reason. Your peoples are not allowed to reach their fullest potential to create. Your people are shackled from their own power, and then your rulers wonder why there is so much warring among you. It would be reasonable to assume that this would create wars among you. Am I right?"

"Yes and no, Tan, because the goal is to have us warring among ourselves. When there is war, the winner gets the spoils, the land, the resources, the women, the children, the labor, the property, etc. So war is big business and people go for it, especially the rulers of the people who see the glittering of much gold in their coffers. The more discontent we are as human beings, the more likely we are to fight their wars and make them richer."

"Oma Tyra, it is with great trouble that I attempt to understand your planet and those upon it."
"Believe me, I totally understand, I don't understand it either, it makes no sense.. yet it is what is replicated, day in and day out, on this here planet."

Tan gets really quiet, I almost thought he had left. I did not want him to leave before we got home, but it seemed that this world was very tiresome for him, and it cause a lot of mental agility to even comprehend the psychosis of this planet. I am sure Riley attempted to explain it to him, and maybe he thought that a visit with me would show a different picture, but it did not.

 "Do you need drugs? Do you use them? Do you have an addiction to any drugs or mind altering substances?"
"No Tan, I do not. Well, I am addicted to my computer, lol, and I am a news junky so in that respect I would say so. I would/am a TV addict, but I don't own a TV so that keeps me away from that addiction."
"Then what did you just purchase?"
"I purchased cigars."
"Are they addictive?"
"Well, not the ones I purchase. They are natural, although I cannot say for sure how natural they are. I don't have to have them, I just like to see the smoke come out of my mouth. And I know they are not that great for my health... so that is why I take these vitamins, see?"
He seemed to get it but not quite.
"Would you need them on the mothership, would you need them on Biaveh?"
"Well not really, but if I could have them, I would probably not refuse them. I am sure you folks don't allow any smoking on the mother ship. Now you see those folks with the white sticks in their mouths, those are called cigarettes and are very addictive, they have tar and nicotine in them and people go crazy without their cigarettes, and they cause cancer in the lungs.. Over the years, after they got folks addicted to them, they started to limit the places where folks could smoke and they raised the price of them really high."

Tan gets quiet again. He is really trying to process the things he has learned from me today. I smile, because he seems so innocent in one way and so wise in another way.

I am truly changed by that experience. That is all I can say. I felt him/saw him with me. I had felt his energy around me, but to actually see him, was really something else. I don't generally see folks like that. But the way he entered the shrine room through the closed door, caused me to see something, I had never seen before.

Tan had astral-traveled to me.

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