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ALIEN INTERVIEW Part 3, pages 41-55

Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by : Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Editing and Supplemental Footnotes by:
Lawrence R. Spencer ( Author of "The Oz Factors" ) pages 41-55

QUESTION - If you are not a biological entity, why do you refer to yourself as feminine?


"These questions took me only a few minutes to complete. I realized then that we may be in for some serious trouble if the alien was not willing to cooperate, or reveal any information that the military or intelligence agencies or scientists considered to be useful to them.

I was also sure that the alien was very certain of the actual intentions of the people who wrote these questions, as she could "read their minds" just as easily as she could read my thoughts and communicate with me telepathically. Because of these intentions, she was unwilling and unable to cooperate with any of them in any way, under any circumstances. I am equally sure that since she was not a biological life form, that there was no kind of torture or coercion that would change her mind!"


Chapter Four
The Language Barrier 

"After I explained what I thought were the reasons for the "no answer" answer to the intelligence agents, there was a great deal of upset and turmoil. A very heated discussion took place between some of the intelligence officers, militaryofficials, psychologist and the language interpreters. This lasted for several hours. It was finally decided that I should be allowed to continue to interviewthe alien, provided I could get a satisfactory answer from her to the following question:"
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 11. 7. 1947, 3rd Session
"QUESTION - "What assurance or proof do you require from us that will make you feel safe enough to answer our questions."
"When I returned from the interview room to report the alien response to this question I received a grim and skeptical reception from the assembled intelligence agents and military personnel. They could not understand what the alien meant by this.

I admitted that I couldn't really understand what she meant either, but I was doing the best I could to articulate her telepathic intentions. I told the officials that perhaps the communication problem had to do with my inability to understand the telepathic language of the alien clearly enough to be satisfactory.


I was so discouraged at that point I almost felt like giving up!

And now, there was even more arguments than before! I was sure I was going to be removed from my position, in spite of the fact that the alien refused to communicate with anyone else, or that no one else had been found who could communicate with her.

Fortunately, a very clever fellow named John Newble, who was a Japanese language specialist from the Navy, 38 (Footnote) had an explanation and a solution to the problem. He explained that, first, the problem had very little to do with the inability of the alien to communicate. It had more to do with her unwillingness to communicate with anyone other than myself. Second, in order for any clear, comprehensive communication to happen, both parties needed to understand and communicate through a common language.

Words and symbols in language convey very precise concepts and meanings. He said that the Japanese people have a lot of homonyms 39 (Footnote) in their language which cause a lot of confusion in day to day communication. They solve this problem by using standard Chinese characters 40 (Footnote) to write down the exact meanings of the word they are using. This clears up the matter for them.

Without a defined nomenclature communication was not possible beyond the rudimentary understanding between men and dogs, or between two small children. The lack of a common vocabulary of clearly defined words that all parties can use fluently, was the limiting factor in communication between all people, groups, or nations.

Therefore, he suggested that there were only two choices. I had to learn to speak the language of the alien, or the alien had to learn to speak English. Factually only one choice was possible: that I persuade Airl to learn English, and that I teach it to her with the guidance of the language specialist. No one had any objection to trying this approach, as there were no other suggestions.

The language specialists suggested that I take several children's books, and a basic reading primer, and grammar text with me into the interview room. The plan was that I would sit next to the alien and read aloud to her from the books, while pointing to the text I was reading with my finger so that she could follow along.

The theory was that the alien could eventually be taught to read, just as a child is taught to read by word and sound association with the written word, as well as instruction in fundamental grammar. They also assumed, I think, that if the alien was intelligent enough to communicate with me telepathically, and fly a space craft across the galaxy, that she could probably learn to speak a language as quickly as a 5 year old, or faster!


I returned to the interview room and proposed this idea to Airl. She did not object to learning the language, although she did not make any commitment to answer questions either. No one else had a better idea, so we went ahead."


Chapter Five
Reading Lessons


"I began the reading lessons with the first pages of a school book that had been used to teach pioneer children in the 1800's on the frontiers of America. It is called "McGuffey's Eclectic Reader, Primer Through Sixth". 41 (Footnote)

Since I am a nurse, and not a teacher, the language expert who gave me the books also gave me an extensive briefing -- a course that took an entire day -- on how to use the books to teach the alien. He said the reason he chose these particular books was because the original 1836 version of these books were used for three-quarters of a century to teach about four-fifths of all American school children how to read. No other books ever had so much influence over American children for so long.

 McGuffey's educational course begins in "The Primer" by presenting the letters of the alphabet to be memorized, in sequence. Children were then taught, step by step, to use the building blocks of the language to form and pronounce words, using the phonics method 42 (Footnote) which involves teaching children to connect sounds with letters. Each lesson begins with a study of words used in the reading exercise and with markings to show the correct pronunciation for each word.

I discovered that the stories in the "First and Second Readers" picture children in their relationship with family members, teachers, friends, and animals. The "Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Readers" expanded on those ideas. One of the stories I remember was "The Widow and the Merchant". It's kind of a morality tale about a
merchant who befriends a widow in need. Later, when the widow proves herself to be honest, the merchant gives her a nice gift. The books do not necessarily teach you to believe that charity is expected only of  wealthy people though. We all know that generosity is a virtue that should be practiced by everyone.

All of the stories were very wholesome and they gave very good explanations to illustrate virtues like honesty, charity, thrift, hard work, courage, patriotism, reverence for God, and respect for parents. Personally, I would recommend this book to anyone!

I also discovered that the vocabulary used in the book was very advanced compared to the relatively limited number of words people use commonly in our modern age. I think we have lost a lot of our own language since our Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence over 200 years ago! As instructed, I sat next to Airl in the interview room reading aloud to her from each successive book in the series of McGuffey's Readers. Each of the books had


excellent, simple illustrations of the stories and subjects being taught, although they are very outdated by today's standards. Nonetheless, Airl seemed to understand and absorb every letter, sound, syllable and meaning as we progressed. We continued this process for 14 hours a day for 3 consecutive days without interruption, except for a few meals and rest breaks on my part.

Airl did not take breaks for anything. She did not sleep. Instead she remained sitting in the overstuffed chair in the interview room, reviewing the lessons we had already covered. When I returned each morning to begin where we'd left off, she had already memorized the previous lessons and was well into the next pages. This pattern continued to accelerate until it became pointless for me to continue reading to her.

Although Airl did not have a mouth to speak with, she was now able to "think" at me in English. At the end of these lessons, Airl was able to read and study by herself. I showed her how to use a dictionary to look up new words she encountered. Airl consulted the dictionary continually after that. From then on my job was acting as a courier for her, requesting that reference books be brought to her in a steady stream.

Next, Mr. Newble brought in a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. 43 (Footnote) Airl especially enjoyed this because it had a lot of pictures. After that, she requested many more picture books and reference books with photographs and drawings because it was much easier to understand the meaning if she could see a picture of the thing she was studying.

Over the next six days books were brought in from libraries all over the country, I presume, because it wasn't more than a few more days before she had read through several hundred of them! She studied every subject I could imagine, and many other very technical things I never wanted to know anything about, like astronomy,
metallurgy, engineering, mathematics, various technical manuals, and so forth.

Later she began to read fiction books, novels, poetry and the classics of literature. Airl also asked to read a great many books on subjects in the humanities, especially history. I think she must have read at least 50 books about human history and archaeology. Of course, I made sure that she received a copy of the Holy Bible also, which she read from cover to cover without comment or questions.

Although I continued to stay with Airl for 12 to 14 hours each day, most of that time during the following week had been spent without much communication between us, except for an occasional question she asked me. The questions were usually meant to give her a sense of context or to clarify something in the books she was reading. Oddly, Airl told me that her favorite books are "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" 44 (Footnote), "Don Quixote de la Mancha" 45 (Footnote) and "One Thousand and One Nights" 46 (Footnote). She said the authors of these stories showed that it is more important to have great spirit and imagination than great skill or power.


I could not answer a lot of her questions, so I consulted with the people in the outer room for answers. Most of these had to do with technical and scientific things. A few of her questions were about the humanities. The depth of complex understanding and subtlety of her questions showed that she had a very penetrating
intellect. Personally, I think she had already known a lot more about the culture and history of Earth than she was willing to admit when we started. I would soon discover how much more."


Chapter Six
My Education Begins

"By the 15th day after "rescuing" Airl from the crash site, I was able to communicate fluidly and effortlessly with her in English. She had absorbed so much written material by this time that her academic education far exceeded my own. Although I graduated from high school in Los Angeles in 1940 and attended college for four years of premedical and nursing training, the variety of my own reading had been fairly limited.

I had not studied most of the subjects to which Airl had now been exposed, especially considering her acute understanding, very intense study habits and a nearly photographic memory! She was able to recall long passages from books she read. She was especially fond of sections of her favorite stories from classic literature like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 47 (Footnote), tales from Gulliver's Travels 48 (Footnote) and Peter Pan 49 (Footnote) and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 50 (Footnote).

By this time Airl had become the teacher, and I was the student. I was about to learn what men of Earth do not know and have no way of knowing!

The throng of scientists and agents who observed us through the one-way glass 51 (Footnote) of our interview room, whom Airl and I now referred to as "the gallery", were growing increasingly impatient to ask her questions. But Airl continued to refuse to allow any questions to be asked of her by anyone other than myself, even vicariously through me as an interpreter, or in writing.

On the afternoon of the 16th day Airl and I sat next to each other as she read. She closed the last page of a book she was reading and placed it aside. I was about to hand her the next book from a large pile waiting to be read, when she turned and said or "thought" to me, "I am ready to speak now". At first I was a little  confused by the remark. I gestured for her to continue and she began to teach me my first lesson."

Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 24. 7. 1947, 1st Session


"What would you like to say, Airl?", I asked.

"I have been a part of the Domain Expeditionary Force in this sector of space for several thousand years. However, I have not personally had intimate contact with beings on Earth since 5,965 BCE. It is not my primary function to interact with inhabitants of planets within The Domain. I am an Officer, Pilot and Engineer, with many duties to perform. Nonetheless, although I am fluent in 347 other languages within The Domain, I have not been exposed to your English language.

The last Earth language with which I was conversant was the Sanskrit language of the Vedic Hymns. 52 (Footnote) At that time I was a member of a mission sent to investigate the loss of a Domain base located in  the Himalaya Mountains. An entire battalion of officers, pilots, communications and administrative personnel
disappeared and the base destroyed.

Several million years ago I was trained and served as an Investigation, Data Evaluation and Program Development Officer for The Domain. Because I was experienced in that technology, I was sent to Earth as part of the search team. One of my duties involved interrogation of the human population that inhabited the adjoining area at that time. 53 (Footnote) Many of the people in that region reported sighting "vimanas" or space craft in the area. 54(Footnote)

Following the logical extension of evidence, testimony, observation, as well as the absence of certain evidence, I led my team to the discovery that there were still "Old Empire" ships and well-hidden "Old Empire" installations in this solar system of which we had been completely unaware.

You and I were unable to communicate in your language because I, personally, have not been exposed to your language. However, now that I have scanned the books and material you provided me this data has been relayed to our space station in this region and processed by our communications officer through our computers. It has been translated into my own language and relayed back to me in a context that I can think with. I have also received additional information from the files stored in


our computers about the English language and Domain records concerning Earth civilization." 55 (Footnote)

"Now I am prepared to give you certain information that I feel will be of great value to you. I will tell you the truth. Although truth is relative to all other truth, I wish to share with you as honestly and accurately as possible, truth as I see it, within the boundaries of my integrity to myself, to my race and
without violating my obligations to the organization I serve and have sworn to uphold and protect".

"OK", I thought. "Will you answer questions from the gallery now?"
"No. I will not answer questions. I will provide information to you that I think will be beneficial to the well-being of the immortal spiritual beings who comprise humanity, and that will foster the survival of all the myriad life forms and the environment of Earth, as it is a part of my mission to ensure the preservation
of Earth.

"Personally, it is my conviction that all sentient beings are immortal spiritual beings. This includes human beings. For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I will use a made-up word: "IS-BE". Because the primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of "is", and the only reason for their existence is that they decide to "be".

No matter how lowly their station in a society, every IS-BE deserves the respect and treatment that I myself would like to receive from others. Each person on Earth continues to be an IS-BE whether they are aware of the fact or not."

(I will never forget this conversation. Her tone was very matter-of-fact and emotionless. However, for the first time, I sensed the presence of a warm and real "personality" in Airl. Her reference to "immortal spiritual beings" struck me like a flash of light in a dark room. I had never before considered that a human being
could be an immortal being. I thought that status or power was reserved solely for The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. And, because I am a devout Catholic and subject to the word of The


Lord Jesus, and The Holy Father, I have never thought of a woman as an immortal spiritual being either -- not even the Holy Mother Mary. Yet, when Airl thought that thought, I became vividly aware for the very first time that she, personally, was an immortal spiritual being, and so are we all!

Airl said that she sensed that I was confused about the idea. She said she would demonstrate to me that I am also an immortal spiritual being. She said, "Be above your body!" Immediately, I realized that I was "outside" of my body, looking down from the ceiling at the top of my body's head! 56 (Footnote) I was also able to see the room around me, including Airl's body sitting in the chair next to my own body.

After a moment, I realized the simple, but shocking, reality, that "I" am not a body. In that moment a black veil lifted and for the first time in my life, and for a very long time into the past, I realized that I am not "my soul", but that "I" am "me" -- a spiritual being. This was an unexplainable epiphany, but one that fills me with a joy and relief I cannot recall having experienced ever before. As for the "immortal" part, I do not understand her meaning, as I have always been taught that I am not immortal -- a spirit, perhaps -- but certainly not immortal!

After a moment -- I'm not sure how long -- Airl asked me if I had a better understanding of the idea. Suddenly, I was back inside my body again, and said out loud, "Yes! I see what you mean!".

I was so taken aback by the experience that I had to get up from my chair and walk around the room for a few minutes. I made an excuse that I needed to get a drink of water, and go to the restroom, which I did. In the restroom I looked at my "self" in the mirror. I used the toilet, refreshed my make-up, and straightened my uniform. After 10 or 15 minutes I felt more "normal" again and returned to the interview room.

After that I felt as though I was no longer just an interpreter for Airl. I felt as though I was a "kindred spirit". I felt like I was safe, at home, with a trusted friend or family member, as close as any I have ever had. Airl sensed and understood my confusion about the concept of "personal immortality". She began her first "lesson" with me by explaining this to me."


"Airl told me her reasons for coming to Earth and for being in the area of the 509th Bomber Squadron. 57 (Footnote)She was sent by her superior officers to investigate the explosions of nuclear weapons which have been tested in New Mexico. 58 (Footnote) Her superiors ordered her to gather information from the atmosphere that could be used to determine the extent of radiation 59 (Footnote) and potential
harm this might cause to the environment. During her


mission, the space craft was struck by a lighting 60 (Footnote), which caused her to lose control and crash.

The space craft is operated by IS-BEs who use "doll bodies" in much the same way that an actor wears a mask and costume. It is a like a mechanical tool through which to operate in the physical world. She, as well as all of the other IS-BEs of the officer class and their superiors, inhabit these "doll bodies" when they are on duty in space. When they are not on duty, they "leave" the body and operate, think, communicate, travel, and exist without the use of a body.

The bodies are constructed of synthetic materials, including a very sensitive electrical nervous system, to which each IS-BE adjusts themselves or "tune in" to an electronic wavelength 61 (Footnote) that is matched uniquely to the wavelength or frequency emitted by each IS-BE. Each IS-BE is capable of creating a unique wave frequency which identifies them, much like a radio signal frequency. This serves, in part, as identification like a finger print. The doll body acts like a radio receiver for the IS-BE. No two frequencies or doll bodies are exactly the same.

The bodies of each IS-BE crew member are likewise tuned into and connected to the "nervous system" built into the space craft. The space craft is built in much the same way as the doll body. It is adjusted specifically to the frequency of each IS-BE crew member. Therefore, the craft can be operated by the "thoughts" or energy emitted by the IS-BE. It is really a very simple, direct control system. So, there are no complicated controls or navigation equipment on board the space craft. They operate as an extension of the IS-BE.

When the lightning bolt struck the space craft this caused a short circuit and consequently "disconnected" them from the control of the ship momentarily which resulted in the crash. Airl was, and still is, an officer, pilot and engineer in an expeditionary force which is part of a space opera 62 (Footnote) civilization which refers to itself as "The Domain". This civilization controls a vast number of galaxies, stars, planets, moons and asteroids throughout an area of space that is approximately one-fourth of the


entire physical universe! The continuing mission of her organization is to Secure, control and expand the territory and resources of The Domain".

Airl pointed out that their own activities were very similar in many ways to the European explorers who "discovered" and "claimed" the New World for The Holy Father, The Pope 63 (Footnote) and for the kings of Spain, Portugal and later, Holland, England, France and so forth. Europe benefited from the property "acquired" from the native inhabitants. However, the native inhabitants were never consulted with or asked for their permission to become a part of the "domain" of European nations and the soldiers and priests they sent to acquire territory and wealth in order to advance their interests.

Airl said she read in a history book that the Spanish king regretted the brutal treatment of the native inhabitants by his soldiers. He feared retribution fromthe gods he worshipped, as described in the various testaments of the Bible. He asked the Pope to prepare a statement called "The Requirement" 64 (Footnote) which was supposed to be read to each of the newly encountered native inhabitants.

The king hoped that the statement, whether it was accepted or rejected by the natives, would absolve the King of all responsibility for the resulting slaughterand enslavement of these people. He used this statement as justification to confiscate their lands and possessions by his soldiers and the Pope's priests. Apparently, the Pope, personally, did not have any feelings of guilt or responsibility in the matter.

Airl thought that such actions were those of a coward and that it is no surprise that the territory of Spain was diminished so quickly. Only a few years later theking was dead and his empire had been assimilated by other nations.

Airl said that this sort of behavior does not occur in The Domain. Their leaders assume full responsibility for the actions of The Domain, and would not denigratethemselves in this fashion. Nor do they fear any gods or have any regret for their actions. This idea


reinforces my earlier suggestion that Airl and her people are probably atheists.

In the case of the acquisition of Earth by The Domain, the rulers of The Domain have chosen not to openly reveal this intention to the "native inhabitants" ofEarth until a later time when it may, or may not, suit their interests to reveal themselves. For the present time, it is not strategically necessary to make the presence of The Domain Expeditionary Force known to Mankind. In fact, until now, it has been very aggressively hidden, for reasons that will be revealed later.

The asteroid belt near Earth is a very small, but important location for The Domain in this part of space. Actually, some of the objects in our solar system are very valuable for use as low-gravity "space stations". They are interested primarily in the low gravity satellites in this solar system which consists mainly of the side of the moon facing away from Earth 65 (Footnote) and the asteroid belt, which was a planet that was destroyed billions of years ago, and to a lesser degree, Mars and Venus. Doom structures synthesized from gypsum 66 (Footnote)or underground bases covered by electromagnetic force screens 67 (Footnote) are easily constructed to house the Domain forces.

Once an area of space is acquired by The Domain and becomes a part of the territory under its control, it is treated as the "property" of The Domain. The space station near the planet Earth is important only because it lay along a path of The Domain expansion route toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Of course, everyone in The Domain is aware of this -- except for the people of Earth."


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