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I get the sense that personality is transitory, that is, it can change with circumstances, knowledge of self, heredity,environment, and diet, etc. The soul is that entity that experiences all these things and is on the mission of being and knowing all the Prime Creator has created. The Physical body, is a temporal entity and is made of many atoms, each containing a light particle or "soul expression". Our souls are our direct link to the Creator. Spirit is like fuel for the physical body... It can be confused with the soul, because it often means breath. especially in certain scriptures. As breath it can be considered the life force that animates the body. I am told that the Spirit is energy, but can also change in its expression. Spirits can live in the ether, and do not necessarily have to have physical bodies to manifest themselves. Sometimes, after the transcendence of the soul, these spiritual energies are left behind after death, in houses, cars, furniture, rocks and trees. Oftentimes that can be seen as the person who transition, that would be their etheric body.

The aura around a person's physical body, can be seen as the spiritual expression of the chakras, or the energetic expression of the chakras. For example, if a person has a blocked 7th chakra, it can appear darkened in color. Again, the different colors of the chakra are emitted from the etheric/spiritual/energy body around the physical, but are directly correlated to the elevation of the spirit while working through the physical body. We often interchange spirit with soul... I have learned that the soul is constant and matures thru lifetimes, while the spirit of a person may change, therefore is transitory. High spirits, low spirits are terms that help us see how it can change. Our souls are spiritual, in that they cannot be viewed in this dimension. Therefore, anything that is not seen with the physical eye could be considered spirit, air, electricity, vibrations, electro-magnetic waves, radio waves, etc.
So I would put the Hierarchy at bit different, and start with the soul as a child/extension of the Creator, and so on. The soul is that inner voice, we all need to attune to. We need to communicate with it as we would another person. We need to consciously get in touch with our soul because there we will find the essence of the Creator. Our soul is what makes us "spirit" experiencing a physical body.  It is our soul that guides us to the path we were born in each incarnation to achive

We need to communicate with it as we would another person. We need to consciously get in touch with our soul because there we will find the essence of the Creator. Our soul is what makes us "spirit" experiencing a physical body.  It is our soul that guides us to the path we were born in each incarnation to achieve in each incarnation, as it knows all of our last, present and future incarnations. It decides for us who we will "be" in each lifetime. It guides us quietly in the background until we consciously connect to it, then it clearly let's us know what is right/truth for each of us. It is our true inner voice but we must do a lot of "spiritual" work and gain in understanding on how to "hear" it. This is when the work on the chakras help to clear the debris that piles up through our physical experiences on earth. That work may take many lifetimes, thus causing the soul to mature.. or as they say "old soul." A person can have an old soul but a young spirit, or energetic spirit, or lively spirit, all of which we tend to translate into meaning the person has a young spirit.

Today, we see young children being born with very old souls. They may appear very youthful, but have an intense and deep perspective about the world around them. In going deeper we learn we have 12 chakras or maybe even more, I have heard up to 14. In the Cosmos, these varying chakras reflect our connection to the 3rd and move us into the 4th and 5th dimension as we come to know them more fully.

Eventually, the 3rd dimension is seen as inhibiting as we connect to the 4th and 5th dimension. When we dream we travel thru the 4th and 5th dimension, but are drawn back into the 3rd upon awakening. If we awaken to quickly we may feel that we are between dimensions. When we dream we experience the 4th and 5th dimensions where there is limitlessness. We experience omnipresence. In lucid dreaming, we can consciously intertwine the dimensions. I feel that dream work is one of the strongest enhancers of experiencing the inter dimensional beings we really are.

Have you ever read "Conversations with God?" The soul is immortal and it knows Prime Creators goal for it. Each soul has that imprinted on it. So while we may have chosen the same parents, as sibblings, our destinies are entirely different. What happens here is that one needs to learn one aspect of Prime Creator thru these parents and another needs to learn something else. The soul is pure, not dependent on any other entity except Prime Creator.

Spirit is definitely fuel from Prime Creator, but its role in energizing the soul is where we get a bit confused. The soul is pure energy, it is what gives us life in the human form, while some may think that some things do not have a soul, so let's just say that all things have spirit. If we say all things have spirit that would end the argument that all things have soul.

Soul is a living dynamic entity that is tied into the Womb of Creation i.e.the Cosmic Ocean of Life, and like raindrops, it becomes embodied, or incarnate. It contains all that is because it is all that is.  So it is not inside of a physical form, it is not housed in the physical form, it is actually a guardian of the physical form. As a guardian, it can pressure the physical form towards what it needs to accomplish, but it cannot make it do what it needs to do in each life time.

Spirit is also energetic and emotive. If a person is stagnate, then their spirit is running on a low vibration. If they are energetic, then their spirit is running on a higher vibration. Lower and higher vibrations must not be confused with more evolved or less evolved. That comes with the aging of the soul. In one incarnation, the soul may chose an athlete, in another a paraplegic. Because it is about the Oneself, then knowing all aspects of how the ONE Manifests itself is the journey of the soul. It will not go back into the Cosmic Womb till it has completed learning.

Spirit (s) can be manipulated by using electro-magnetic waves, but again, diet, station in life, parents, environment all play on how the spirit manifests itself, and again, the debris needs to gotten rid of, so that one can be clear in its connection with their soul. Personality in essence, is a trait of the human experience, no matter where the soul may inhabit, it is subjective. The Soul is objective. Some may refer to "lost souls" but I believe they are abandoned souls, and at any point and individual can re-unite with their soul and its mission for that  life time.

You see, we may get caught up in moralizing good, bad, evil and the like, but Prime Creator is All In All there is nothing separate from it, therefore, it is pure consciousness that manifests itself in many forms. The Primal energy is neutral. In the human form, because we have lost connection with this Primal Energy, we have laws, rules, regulations, religions, governments who attempt to tell us what is right and wrong. These laws are all subjective and are relative to where one may be. The Powers That Be know this but in order to control the Masses they have produced documents to create the appearance that if you did not know it was not going to work in your favor to kill someone, then you have to be threatened with imprisonment.

When the human form wakes up and realizes that it can live in harmony with other humans, and all of nature, it will not need a Regulator, to tell it what to do. It will intuit what is best and act accordingly. It will know that what is best for one person is not good for someone else. I.E., the difference between helping and enabling. We have lost this knowledge and continue to exist outside of our true destiny and inside the belly of fear and dogma.

The Powers that Be, know they cannot steal, capture, or alter the soul. They may capture a person's will/will power, but the soul will go into dormant mode, hibernation, so to speak, until the person's will power returns or re-connects to the soul. They know that all is written and there is no law outside of Universal Law, therefore whatever antic they produce will transpire according to plan, the Universal Order. So even in their futile attempt to destroy the planet and capture all the souls on it, they are still subject to Karma and the laws of Karma and will experience the result of their crime in this lifetime or the next. For to capture a soul is to Capture Prime Creator and then set your self in competition with Prime Creator, a fete that has been tried on numerous occasions but only to fail. As souls, we contain Prime Creator, but we ARE NOT Prime Creator in total, we contain its essence. So you see, our soul has a very important role to play in turning back the hands of time and getting the human form in harmony with Mother Nature, the galaxy, the Universe and so on.

I hope this helps, and remember, the information that I am sharing with you, is from my own channeling and reviewing of other's writing on this. Most of it was channeled to me.

Blessings, NB

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